10 cents bottle depost at a store that does not take returns


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10 cents bottle depost at a store that does not take returns

Kinda stupid that A store will charge me 10 cents bottle deposit on a case of pop adding up to a $1.20 per 12 pack but they don't take returns and it's there own private brand. kinda a rant. Store brand pop is cheap but what stores will take private brand pop.
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Ask the store manager how you are supposed to get your deposit back. You gotta climb ladders to get to the top.
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Assuming the bottles are plastic, why won't the other stores take them? It's not like they reuse them. Since the gov't mandates the deposit, they should have someone that regulates the returns.
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The bottle laws in CT require stores to redeem only those brands that they sell.

I'm with Chandler. My first stop would be the store manager. If I didn't get satisfaction there I would kick it up the management chain through customer service on the store's web site. In CT the program is overseen by the state DEP. Their web site has a complaint link. I would look for the same thing in your area.
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The bottle deposit is such a stupid idea. I live in MA for a short while and stopped recycling because they didn't have curbside pickup. All the redemption machines at the supermarket were always broken.
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They implimented a deposit system on liquior bottles here in Ontario. This is even worse the soda as these bottles are large, and waste a lot of space to rack up any value.

90% of the time I end up tossing the bottles as the pennies their worth doesn't justify the fuel consumed to bring them for the return.
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With the $0.10 deposit in MI, it does make it different than other states.

When I lived in MI, the cans had labels indicating the deposit and also included a bar code for identification that could be read by the "aluminum goats" to provide credits based. Some retailers do not choose to invest in the system, but the cans could be returned almost anywhere, but if you are near a border, the cans could have come from a different state.

The great TV situation was from the Seinfeld series,when Kramer and Newman collected cans in NYC and put them in Newman's "borrowed" Post Office truck for a quick trip to MI to collect the pennies. They tipped it over on the first exit ramp, collected the cans from the ground and then found out they were not from MI and did not qualify for a refund, because they may have come from a state with no deposit.


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