Anybody upgrade a cell phone lately


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Anybody upgrade a cell phone lately

Just curious if anyone else has blown a gasket over the now mandatory "Upgrade fee" that is charged whenever you upgrade phone or extend contract. Heard this from my tow buddy last week and just checked into it because daughter is replacing phone in a couple of weeks. I don't know that all the cell providers are doing it, but that's the rumor; ours at least is doing it. Here's what the party line is from a chat session:

You: Well, you can explain exactly what benefit Verizon users actually get from the $30 upgrade fee we now get to pay every time we upgrade.

You: That's a rhetorical question, I don't really expect a satisfactory explanation or answer.

Lisa: I would be happy to assist you with the upgrade fee.

You: Only help would be to waive it.......

Lisa: You actually benefit because the fee allows us to continue to be able to provide any customer who needs help in transition to a new device by providing free online and instore workshops, apps like back up assistance , educational tools, online resources, etc.


It went down hill from there; I suggested that if someone didn't know how to operate their phone they should either (a) Not buy it, or (b) pay for their own dang classes. What a crock. If I have anything to say about it we'll be replacing phones only when they DIE.
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Bummer. I'm using a 2G BlackBerry right now and the small screen size and slow performance have me thinking it's time for something new. Maybe not....
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They can and will waive it. Just did it with my wifes phone last year. Contract was over, she wanted a smartphone. Checked 3 places here, finally decided just to stay with the same company we'd had for years. The girl in the store said we'd pay less and get it faster if we called the 1-800, which we'd have to do anyway to activate it. Called the number went through the whole thing. As the girl was reading down the initial charges I questioned the fee. Said I've been a customer for years...maybe it's time to check out some other companies since it wasn't an emergency...just a nice to have and we were already paying for the phone. Boom...waived it.
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Yeah, when my buddy had a stroke over the fee I know he made a lot of noise. Don't remember exactly but I think he got it reduced but not waived entirely. He was basically told that all the companies are doing it now [sounds like collusion/price-fixing to me, but hey, what do I know]. My cell bill runs about $180/mo for 4 lines so you would think the $2000+ a year I'm paying would cover their overhead to provide the service with some profit left over. If there's no relief my wife and I will be replacing OUR phones sometime in the next century unless they actually go belly up.
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I got sick of my cell phone bills about 1 year ago, and switched to a Net10 (like Tracphone) phone that has a monthly contract ($25) instead of the buy as you go plans. It does almost everything I want it to do- and the things it can't do, I don't need anyway.

It's saving me almost $900/yr so I'm happy with that.
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Went with a 4G Atrix. Large enough screen. I would probably not have a smart phone, but it seems my customer base is getting more and more into electronics and communications nowadays. I take pix of a job we finished, send it to them with an email and a bill and their check is here within a couple of days. Most of my clients are "sometimes" residents so much of the work is done in their absence. I like the bluetooth features. I can voice dial while driving or text for that matter without having to touch the phone. I can't stand to hold a phone, cup of coffee, sausage and biscuit.......did I say steering wheel??? Nothing about shifting gears, either.
I'm not likely to need a replacement in the near future, but that was the plan. Go big and not have to worry with the fees.
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What if you went with a monthly plain. I have t-mobile. I switched over from tracfone. I just got the phone online and activated. I have the monthly plain. No contracts.
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I personally really like Tracfone and now they do have smart phones which they never did before. They also have phones with cameras too so you can do about anything you want now with pre-paid. It saves me a ton of cash every year, my friends sister had Tracfone and wasn't satisfied so she switched and he said he would never have a Tracfone. I have had a few minor issues with them but would rather spend a small amount each year than have to pay a huge amount every year. I bought my last phone with them in 2006 from and haven't had any really bad issues with it. So I guess it just depends on your own personal experience.

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