DIY Suggestions For These Drawers


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DIY Suggestions For These Drawers

First off! This is my kind of Forum!

Secondly, I recently turn some old Ikea drawers into a cat playground, however I didn't use any of the drawers, just the housing.

I can't think of anything I can do with these and I hate throwing stuff like this away.

SO I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a project I can do with these drawers?

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Also, here is the [almost] finished cat playground...they love it.
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Just gotta wrap the rest of the poles in the rope.
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First let me welcome to to the forum second I want to congratulate you on a great project for your cats they look quite healthy. I think I would get some 1x1 wood and make a frame to hold the baskets. You would need some wood for the top and some for the bottom to help hold things together but that would make a great organizer. You could either paint the wood or just leave it unpainted whatever you would prefer. As to the size of the frame let the baskets be your guide and take a a few measurements. I would leave about 1/4th of an inch or a bit less on each side so the basket drawers don't bind. Good luck with your project!
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Likewise, welcome! Not sure how your houses are built in Australia, but here, many have "mud" rooms as you enter from certain areas. I incorporated shelving on one side of a mud room (sized to the baskets) for a client once, and used these exact baskets to house shoes, boots, scarves, etc. Each kid had his own set of baskets and the upper ones were used as more permanent storage, but accessible, and viewable.

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