Who doesn't need another tool catalog?


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Who doesn't need another tool catalog?

Welcome to Seven Corners Hardware

It's free and they send it in about a week.

Maybe not the best pricing, but nice for research and comparisons.
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GG, if you go to the big orange box web site, you can drill down to their 2012 Tool Book and pull it up on line.

They also used to have what they called the Pro Book. If they still have it, you need to beg for it at the contractor desk. It has helped me numerous times.
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Yeah...I think they went to CD for the Pro Book didn't they? Or maybe it was just an option in addition to the hard copy. I used to have both (since I worked there...lol)

I don't really need the HD online thing...I mean...I don't have a PC in the "reading room".....lol.
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I had forgotten about the pro book although I never did use it a lot. Funny how I preferred big orange to big blue when I lived in fla and in tn I just about dread going to HD - it's pretty much self service here and if you need help loading they'll gladly send someone out to help about the time you get it all loaded

I try not to spend too much time looking thru tool catalogs [mainly in the 'reading' room ] Most of the cheap tools I either have or have no need for and what I do want is a little too pricey
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I use the Pro Book almost daily. HOWEVER, HD is not updating pricing on it anymore. SKU numbers are good and it zeros in on your local store inventory. I talked to our pro desk guys yesterday and asked why they sunsetted their support. It is invaluable doing an estimate at 10pm and having a fairly accurate list of materials the next morning for your customer.
I really didn't know that many people used the Pro Book. Maybe if we could pressure HD into reinvesting into it........
Marksr, our store has a loading guy who is a little slow sometimes, but remembers your name, what truck you are driving, has the stuff loaded while you are still getting your gloves out of the cab, likes to talk small talk, especially about good places to eat, and really makes my morning go better. Prime candidate for one of those Christmas "eat out" cards at a good restaurant.
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I don't need any more tool catalogs. Tools mean work and work interferes with my sleeping. I worked enough in my life and now I am going to enjoy the few years I have left in my retirement.

As for the "reading room"...I stopped reading in there before Sears stopped sending catalogs to the house. Get in, do your business and get out is my motto.

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