What kind of bird is it?


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What kind of bird is it?

i did not take any pictures of it but I see this bird allot and its not in any of my bird books. It's brown with a white tummy has road runner type legs and a band around its neck. it's the size of a robin but thinner. Any ideas?
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Sounds like a Killdeer..........
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If this helps a Killdeer's call is it name. Kill-deer! Also will do a single loud BEEP! of the "Kill" part of the call. Another way you can tell is the Killdeer will do a trick to lead you away from the nest by making it look like it has a broken wing.
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We like to call them "run run birds" because they like to run down our driveway. For some reason they love to nest out front and whenever we come down the driveway they love to run ahead of the car along the drive. If we get out and walk close to their nest they do the broken wing trick to lure us away.
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they love to run ahead of the car along the drive
That's funny. I have two pilated woodpeckers both with nearly 3' wingspans that love to get in front of my truck and lead me down 1/4 mile. Tree overhang keeps them from veering off until they get to my shop area. Really neat.
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I am not sure what bird that is but speaking of robins we have a robins nest on our back porch. We have a metal awning covering the porch and we have taken the nest down twice and each time when the birds come back in the spring the birds just go ahead and build another nest. So I have kind of given up and don't really mind my free loading tenants they have kind of cute little babies that I stay well away from so they don't get upset.
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We have a large number of Robins nesting around here and on Saturday when I went to use my metal chop saw which is outdoors, I found the saw already in use!

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