Never Fails


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Never Fails

Everytime I go to work on something, suddenly there is a need for what I am working on.
Yesturday, I gave the wife tons of notice that I was going to shut off the water to install a filter in the water system (new canister and all). Not 30 seconds after I make the first cut into the house plumbing, my oldest who is struggling a bit with the potty training... has an accident.
Me being me, I have a bucket of water handy that I had filled just in case something like this happens.

Later into the install (was struggling with the stupid solderless copper to plastic thread fittings), my wife making the boys some food, burns her hand and really needs to put it into cold water. She didn't like my suggestion of the now used bucket of water.

Two hours later... (did I mention I hate no solder addapters?), it's in, and no leaking. Looks like crap, but it is in. The instructions that came with the Solder-less Connector Kit are definately not the best.

Same thing happen with the van last week. Just broke the oil filter loose and the wife needs to run to the store before it closes. Never fails.
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I see you know about Murphy's Law

Maybe you've gotten your bad luck out of the way for awhile
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I know Murphy's Law pretty well.
Thought I would beat it with the 5 gallons of clean filtered water. Guess I will need two buckets next time.
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Mike - not that you need more work, but the trick is to install a bypass. That way when you have to change the filter the house water supply is unaffected.

Over the years whenever I did plumbing work I installed isolation valves. Now I can work on any bathroom, the kitchen or hose bibs at my own pace.

What kind of solderless fittings did you use? I've used Sharkbites quite a bit and I think they're great. Easy to work with and reliable.
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Wayne Mitchell,
I agree with the bypass, but you need to cut into the pipe to install even that.

The kit I used (because that was all they had in stock a this little local store) was the Rainfresh Solder-less Connector Kit, Model CK2.
Here is the install instructions (couldn't find a way to link just the product).
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Two hours? Should have grabbed the torch! When I installed my filter, I did most of the work prior to cutting the pipe. I soldered the threaded adapter and unions together first. Then installed them into the filter. Then all I had to do was cut a section of pipe out and solder in the other side of my unions. Turned the water on, tightened up my unions until the leaks stopped, and that was it!

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