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This sure has been some kind of a week. Monday night into Tuesday morning we got 5" of rain completely destroying my driveway. Spent most of Tuesday afternoon putting it back together only to have it start raining hard again that night. Yesterday I took advantage of a break in the rain and cleaned up the gravel on the paved road and started filling in the ruts..... and here comes the hard rain again Took my tractor back to the top and went inside, several hours later the rain quit and went outside to find a flat rear tire. Every time I started pumping the fluid out of the tire it come a downpour. Finally got the fluid pumped and the tire on the back of the truck.

Thought I'd get an early start this morning and be the first customer at the tire store, got in my truck and the battery was dead Battery's on the charger and it's raining hard again.

My garden has suffered from the lack of rain the last 2 months, now some of it has washed away. At least my yard is green again.

Many more weeks like this and I might have to evaluate why I quit drinking
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LOL! Wow, that is some week- no wonder you're glad its Friday!

I got a touch of heat stroke yesterday... was on a dark green metal roof in the morning sun (no wind) working on some windows and siding, and I think I overdid it. Got home around 2PM (good planning, work in the sun in the morning and then when its in the shade, quit) and took a nap. Felt so dizzy! A little light headed today but for me that's normal. heh
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Mark - You do know it's Friday the 13th right?
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No I didn't realize that Must have brought some of my bad luck to the tire shop. Their fork lift had a hard time going up hill in the parking lot - first time I ever saw a fork lift do a burn out

They thought the hole in the tube was to big to trust a patch so new tube, vulcanize the inside of the tire, 10 gallons of methanol and their labor $101 Then the forklift wouldn't start so we had to load the tire by hand

The rain is supposed to quit tomorrow but the tire is still on the truck and my back hurts. I think I'll wait a day and see if I can get one of the kids over here to help me get the tire back on the tractor
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You really are having no luck this week.

On a side note, I would gladly take some of that rain. It's been so dry here. Most, if not all of the province of Ontario is under a fire ban (no open burning or any kind) and the forest fire count is climbing again. 4 fires within 5 miles of where I am sitting right now.
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10 gallons of methanol?? Exactly what is that used for? put that in the tube for weight?
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Or boil it and let it vaporize through cooling that's in the moonshine forum, sorry
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You the Mod over there, Larry?
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We were short on rain this year but not anymore..... and a few weeks ago they were predicting a hot dry summer.

Vic, the methanol goes in the tube. I pumped out 21 gallons of a methanol/calcium chloride mix which meant 9 gallons leaked out on the ground. Calcium chloride is about $18 for 50 lb [15 gal] and I can get windshield washer fluid for $1.50 per gallon [methanol's the main ingredient]. I figured it was cheaper to let them pump it in the tube than for me to run to town, buy what I need and do it myself.

The sad thing is that tube was less than a year old. I was planning to replace the other tube just as preventive maintenance since it's probably about 15 yrs old.

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