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Romex, Guys! I was at a water park and me being me, had to look at the electrical. First ride I went on, had some yellow romex with a nice hub ell female end on it. Then, I see an electrical room open to find the entire building wired with the good ol yellow stuff. To add to this mess, most of the bonding wires were cut or non existant. What's wrong with these people and how does this pass inspection?
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Justin, were these portable rides, or were they permanently in place? You said water park, so I am assuming it is permanent. I doubt an inspector was called and the county isn't aware of the problem, although they should be, since not having a permit deprives them of revenue. Blow the whistle. If it isn't safe, it isn't safe.
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They were permanent, and some look like they've been there for quite a few years. The park is also a ski resort, who owns all of their lines, so I doubt any inspections were ever done. (and I don't see any inspection stickers, either) But, I do know state law requires amusement park rides to be inspected, but I'm not sure what water slides, etc. count as. I just don't get why their "electricians" don't just use THWN in conduit, like most parks use, even the dry ones. I really wish my camera was waterproof, so I could've brought it and took pictures of this mess.
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Justin, you're just not a typical teenager (even though you are going to water parks)

As Larry said, if it isn't safe, it isn't safe and you should call them on it.

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