My 3yrs old fixed out van (and saved us walking home).


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My 3yrs old fixed out van (and saved us walking home).

In all honesty, this is one of those situations you had to be there to believe it (I still don't, and I was there).

Was out with my 3yrs old exploring a few of the back roads near our house with the minivan (07 Dodge Grand Caravan).

So the one road we were on Was getting a bit rough and wet. Came up to a clearing just before what looked like a decent mud hole, so I stopped the van and hopped out to check it. It was too deep for my comfort. Hop back into the van, turn the key and all I get is a "Click".
All the gauges are reading normal (running a scan gauge to monitor vitals beyond what is in the OEM cluster). When I turned the key to the run position, fuel pump pressured up, gauges assume position and everything was normal except for the "Click" when trying to start.
This all led me to believe it was a stuck starter.

So, after a half hour of crawling under, beating on the starter with a rock, trying to start and failing, it was time to give up and start walking out. The shortest walk was just under a mile forward. This would put us on the hwy where we could get cell signal and or hitch a ride.
About 400yrds or so into the walk, big water fording. Not grabbing my sandals from the van, we had to go back. Back at the van, I figured I'd give it another go.
Crawling under the front of the van, my son joined me. Gave it a couple good hits on the gear end (not enough to damage of course), I gave it another try and failed.

So, grabbing my sandals from the back of the van, I hear my son. "Daddy, I fix", and under the front bumper he goes.
A couple faint hits (he's only 3yrs old after all), he comes out and looks at me. "Daddy, try", is all he says. I can't say no to him, so I open the driver door and give it a turn.
Damn thing Started!!!
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Some days make for great memories
I've got a pic of my oldest son [now 33] when he was 3 or 4 removing the lug nuts on my work van. He saw me getting ready to change a flat tire and said "let me do it" While he wasn't able to break the nuts loose or remove/replace the tire - he did do most of it
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My oldest has always been helping me where he can.
Have to hide what I am doing sometimes if it's something that could be dangerous (soldering pipe for example) as I don't want him trying that stuff.

This was just one of those times where I did it to humour him and it actually worked out for us.

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