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Question Mens Hair Clippers

hello everyone, I'm in need of some clippers for home and would very much appreciate your help. I've googled 'best mens hair clippers 2012' and Wahl clippers appear a lot. I'd like a clipper set thats literally complete. Has all the attachment grades (1-8+) plus extras that I probably wont use but nice to have incase I do one day and if at all possible the additional trimmer included. Theres also the additional nose trimmer

I did see on a more professional level that the Super Taper is getting great reviews but it doesn't include a lot. Attachments of 1-4 or even 1-2 which wont do.

I got the names from wahlglobal/united-kingdom. the first two below are under Personal Grooming & Styling and the other 2 are under Professional Hairdressing. all 4 are under corded clippers.

I've so far noted this complete kit down, Chromepro Deluxe

then theres this kit that doesn't have all the bits the above has, Colourpro

and this, well these not sure if the clipper is the same in the combi pack. Super Taper & Combi Pack

I'm not entirely sure what to get. I basically want a complete kit thats got 'quality'

thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forums.

What are your intentions for the clipper and what is your budget?
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I always buy the cheaper ones for sale at walmart and similar. Wahl is a good brand. I don't recall ever having worn out the clipper motor but the attachments are what normally break. Since the attachments can't be bought locally it's usually cheaper to buy a new set [$10-$20] They usually last 5-10 yrs.
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Yep, Wahl is good quality. Was getting a haircut for $25 or so. Figured clippers = cost of a haircut. Bought a set, use #2 guard and cut my own. Wifey has to trim my neck, though. Hey, it's all about saving money!!
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chandler -

If you wife does the final trimming, she cannot complain about your appearance, which can be worth more than a clipper and attachments.

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"If you wife does the final trimming, she cannot complain about your appearance, which can be worth more than a clipper and attachments."

Lot of wisdom in that statement.

A buddy of mine does his own hair and bought a high end clipper like a stylist would use, an Oster Classic 76. Retail is about $150 but he expects to never have to replace it, barring something unforeseen like dropping it. I've owned a lot of cheap clippers over the years so I'm sure I have gone way past the $150 mark in what I've spent.
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thanks for the replies all.

@ mitch17 - intention are cutting my own hair, standard short back and sides (grade3) with length ontop (grade7) and budget is 50

marksr - I've brought cheap in the past and the blades go blunt, oil doesn't really help and they just clug at hair. There are replacement attachements available to buy from Wahl or on amazon if needs be which is good if the flimsy kit breaks.

@ chandler - thanks and indeed.

@ mitch17 - I was thinking of getting a high end clipper but the weight of a pro clipper and home clipper must be different. For home they must keep the clipper itself light in weight so it can be used by whom ever is trying to cut his or her own hair. the pro clippers would to me be a little to heavy to do it yourself.
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You're clearly not going to get the Oster I mentioned based on what you've budgeted for this but I disagree with your weight statement - this is what my buddy uses to cut his own hair, the weight is not a problem.
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Hello and Welcome Gourcuff.

Best advice IMO is to read the ratings in Consumers Report. Google it then read the reports. Based upon the intended usage for money spent should be obvious as well as impartial. Best info and or advice you'll get (IMO) here or elsewhere, for that matter, is personal opinions. Personal opinions can have a lot of merit but also reading independent reviews adds additional unbiased information before a purchase is made.

I prefer Wahl. Very satisfied thus far...

In U.S. dollars, how much is 50???...

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@ mitch17 - thanks, thats made me think twice, I may just add to the budget and buy quality.

Sharp Advice - hello and thanks. 50 is around $80
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Are you looking more for a grooming clipper or a hair cutting clipper?

I agree also agree that Wahl is a good brand. They have many different models and some go for fairly cheap. Some comes with a full kit which has different settings for different hair length and such.

One that wasn't mentioned yet was Philips Multigroom clippers. It can be used for both body hair, facial hair, and the hair on your head. It looks like it is marketed more toward body grooming though because of the smaller size of the blade compared to the Wahl.


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I've been using cheap clippers for years. Actually, it started when I was a kid living at home. Being from a union family, the last long strike we lived through my mom started doing our hair cuts. Long since moved away from home, I have only been to a hair dresser once since living at home. Apparently a clipper cut wasn't appropriate for my wedding.

Only word of advice, don't get the cordless clippers. Never fails, the battery is dead or almost dead when you want to use them.
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In my house the guys always got the clipper cuts to help save money. Most of the time the girls ended up getting trims at home too, it is generally second nature. I'd go with the Wahl clippers as stated above. They're generally affordable and do the best job possible.
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