Must Purchase Expensive Bed for Handicapped Relative


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Must Purchase Expensive Bed for Handicapped Relative

My elderly mother just returned home from a rehab facility. Her one and only
physical problem is a severe case of osteoporosis. All brain, heart, and lung
activity is completely normal. A real horror for my mother. There were many
folks in that rehab place with various kinds of dementia. When I visited my
mother I almost wished her brain was as damaged as her body. For 86 years
she was an extremely active, brilliant person. She is still brilliant, but her body
is weak and frail.

To keep my mother at home, she needs a "4-Motor Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed."
This is a very special type of motorized bed that has an amazing range of
adjustable features. I am aware of two manufacturers. Joerns and Medline.

I've got the money to buy anything my mother needs. The problem is there
are no distributors or retailers I can visit, before I spend several thousand
dollars! I spoke to a women who is in charge of purchasing geriatric equipment
at a major university hospital. She calls a number to order equipment from
Joerns. That's it. She literally has no idea where their distributor is located
and doesn't care to ask.

After countless web searches, all I can find are online retailers who will ship
these massive machines for free. Would you buy a car without taking a test
drive? Imagine if that 300 pound monster is brought into my home and my
mother can't use it!

My mother needs to be transported to some kind of building where she can
try one or more of these Hi-Lo beds, before I buy. The money is burning a
hole in my pocket, but I'm not going to flush it down the drain.

With some paid caretakers at home, my mother is ok right now. She desperately
needs to feel "human" again. If she could get in and out of bed without help
from others, that would be a big step forward.

I've sent e-mails to Joerns and Medline. No reply at all from Joerns. Medline
says they can tell me who is selling their vast array of medical equipment.
The problem is Medline products are sold everywhere, including Walmart.

I've posted on a couple of forums about the elderly and medical equipment.
Two replies, no help.

I need someone to point me in the right direction. Please!

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Rewinder I think I have found just the company for you or at least one that can point you in the right direction. They are called Roberts Home Medical and they are located in Germantown, Maryland. Here is a link to their website ROBERTS HOME MEDICAL Germantown, MD (855) 646-0413 which does have pictures of the beds they sell. Not knowing what city you live in this is about the best I could do. I put in a Google search for medical bed distributors and this was about mid page on the results. Seems like I have heard the name somewhere before but I am not sure and really know nothing about this company at all except for what I saw on their website.
I Applaud you for wanting to take in your mother and praise you for wanting to pay for her bed but these are very expensive beds. If your mother really needs this bed and I am sure she does then Medicare will pay for at least part of the expense. It is what your mother has been paying her premiums for to medicare and she is entitled to it. So I wouldn't hesitate at all in using Medicare to pay for this. First thing to remember though get a prescription from her doctor and then if you feel she should see the beds go ahead and take her there or to another place this company might recommend if they are too far away for you. Remember your funds will only last so long too so please for your sake use Medicare. Good luck to you!
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hedgeclippers, I was 99.99% certain that no one at doityourself would reply
to my post. That's why I waited awhile before visiting this site again. All
I can say is, thank you hedgeclippers!

I should have mentioned that my mother does have a several prescriptions
that cover all kinds of medical equipment. Medicare has a convoluted way
of paying for various types of equipment. With hospital beds, you "rent"
the bed for 13 months. Similar to leasing a new car. During those 13 months
the copay is 20% of the total cost. When you make the final payment the
bed is yours. At least, I think that's how it works.

There are similar medical equipment suppliers like Roberts Medical in my state.
Most of them are just an office with delivery cars and trucks. They usually
don't have a building large enough to display and demonstrate hospital beds.

I called a couple of local suppliers. They can deliver a bed to my home within
a few days. Just think about what that really means to someone who is not
living in a huge mansion. I've got to move or junk a lot of furniture that
belongs to my mother. (When my dad passed away, my mother moved in
with me.) There must be plenty of space on either side of the bed for
my mother's walker. It's funny, my mother is a tiny lady, but her walker
is not!

If my mother can't use the bed, all of the stress involved in rearranging my
house would have been for nothing. My mother gets upset and depressed
very easily. (You would too if your skeletal structure was failing!)

I simply cannot bring a big machine like a 4-motor bed into my home, without
being certain that my mother will use it successfully. If I were to have this
type of bed delivered to my house before my mother could try it out, well, she
would definitely shoot me with a gun that she doesn't have!

Thanks again, hedgeclippers.
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If you can wait a couple of days before doing anything, when I return from vacationing in the woods I can offer some more insight.

I repair a couple of different types of motorized hospital beds in my workplace and there are a few different types.
If you can find out the make and model of the bed that works for her it would be possible to compare it to beds that are available to you.

Do you have cost estimates on any beds.
Our hospital had received 20 hospital grade beds awhile ago and I believe those cost around $14k each.
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Rewinder Glad I could help or at least point you in the right direction. Many years ago my grandmother who at that time was living next door to us broke her arm at a shopping center. We decided to have her over here at our house and we then rented a bed with Medicares help. I never paid too much attention as to the how of it only to know she needed a prescription at the time.
At the time my Mom had to stay in our front room while my grandmother stayed in her room and we had nurses aides come to our house that were not cheap at all but paid for by my grandmothers pension check. It is too bad that medicare pays for a nursing home but pays very little for in home nursing too. So I can certainly understand some of what you are going through as we have gone through the same thing about twenty or so years ago. Because of that I wanted to try to help you if I could. I think though you probably will find that most of the beds are about the same with some being a better quality than others but certainly understand why you want to take her to see the bed too. Good luck to you!

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