Evil cashier


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Evil cashier

I don't know where to ask this so I'll ask this here. Every time I shop at this one particular grocery store and go to a specific checkout isle where this one older Hispanic woman works, she never says hi and gives me the nastiest look. She says hi to everyone else but me. Today as she was ringing up one of my orders (bagel dog), she said to the bagger that the food I was purchasing was "dog food" and gave a haughty laugh. I'm quite sure that she said that as are reference to her referring to me as the "dog". I commented on how she always has a nasty look towards me and never says hi, and how she talked trash about the food. She said that I can get out of the store and go elswhere if I don't like it. She literally YELLED this. I asked to speak with the manager and she said, "I'll do it myself!". He finally came and he apologized for her behavior and said something will be done. Somehow I don't believe that. What I want to know is why does this woman hate me? is it racial? She is around 55 years old and has very short hair. I'm a young guy in my 30's and have long hair. Is she racist? A man hater? I don't know because she says hi to men too. I can't figure it out. And is there something that can be done about this? I'm tired of dealing with this woman every time I go grocery shopping.
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Simple....go to a different store or a different cashier.

Personally...I wish I could find a place that even sold bagel dogs around here.
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Different subject matter but a book I read once talked about how to not take some kinds of actions personally by saying you just have to remember that some people are a$$ho!es.

Yep, I'd go somewhere else if there was another option. Or at least a different checkout line.

Life is too short to allow people like this into it.
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If it were me I would shop elsewhere but before I left I would make sure the manager knew exactly why his store was losing my business.
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I would shop somewhere else too, if possible. Is this a chain store? If so, I'd call the main office and ask to speak to the District Manager. If not, I'd keep pestering the store manager about it each time.
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People who raise your ire, control you.......Don't worry about things over which you have no control........move on.
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Last week I put a local Target store in a "Time Out" for 6 months because I didn't like the way a supervisor spoke to me.

I'm sure that my boycotting a store has little effect on their bottom line but it makes me feel better and it's one of the few options that a consumer has when they are mistreated by a retailer.
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There are dozens of sites where one can "report" your experience with a store. Even Google Places. We have a lot more options available to deal with these situations than there used to be. Local businesses live and die by their online reputations, and a very high percentage of potential customers do online local business searches prior to purchasing and are influenced in their decisions by online reviews. The numbers are in the 80-90% range, but I don't recall exactly.
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Do I even want to know what a bagel dog is?

I stop doing business with companies all the time if I have bad experience. Like Wayne, I don't think my boycott does much, but I figure if one day enough people did it, it would matter. At least they won't be getting my money. I would have stopped going to that store long ago. Why that woman wasn't instantly fired is beyond me. She is obviously an all around nasty person.
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the manager should have taken care of this problem and verbal abuse ( there might be a buddy deal going on here, a relation or friend of the manager). Go to the district supervisor, and keep reporting this woman. The store should not have a person like this representing them.
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Those are all very good suggestions that I will take into consideration. I had the feeling when she referred to the bagel dog as "dog food", that she was in essence calling me a dog, which is a derogatory term in many cultures. I guess what baffles me the most is what I did to deserve this woman's hate. I spoke to the store manager over the phone and he said that she's generally nice to all people and nobody ever complained about her in the past. Is it the way that I look? I recall one time when I was in her cashier line, I saw and heard her say, "pfft" and kind of rolled her eyes. I swear on my life that I didn't do anything but wait quietly in line. My friends would tell me, "there's always going to be someone who doesn't like you for whatever reason; not everyone has to like you.". So I guess she just hates me because of some personal prejudice? Oh well...I think I'll just go to another store and do my shopping. And by the way, them bagel dogs are yummy.
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I agree go to another store. A few years ago when we had a bad storm a well known pharmacy that we went to at the time was supposed to have their pharmacist available for emergency handouts of prescriptions. The pharmacist wasn't there and I really don't think he really cared. Well I complained and thought the company would do something but they never did and as far as I know he is still working there.
Could have been racial in part as he is another race and never was too nice to us but was to other people his own race. Thing is now we go to a privately owned pharmacy owned by a man of the same race and he is the nicest person around and really knows how to work real well with doctors. He has caught some dangerous prescriptions too.
Some people want to hate though whether you are white,African American,Chinese etc. There is no place for that though and I kind of look to the bible in this case where Jesus said to his disciples if they don't like your message or you shake their dust off your feet and leave. Not a bible scholar so that quote might be a bit off but that advice ancient as it is is still good.
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Dealing with people from other countries or race can be tough sometimes. Sometimes these folks come on a bit strong, but don't actually mean anything by it.
When I was in College, we had two (off the boat) Russian guys in my class. If you have ever been around Russians who recently moved from their home country, they are pretty rough around the edges (harsh language, etc). Got to know them pretty good (nothing a bottle of vodka can't fix) and they turned out to be really good guys.

On the other end of things, some folks just hate everyone that isn't their same race, religion, etc. Could be for many reasons, but they are who they are.
The older lady that works at the local hardware store (in the hick town I live in now) can't stand me. Admittably my french is insultingly bad, but still. I just don't deal with her and all is good.
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You should have or in the future should use a mirror (reflection) reply back.

Replied back "If a bagel dog is dog food, you should try one. I'm sure you'd like like it"....HA HA


Did I take the one you wanted?

How would you know if you hadn't eaten one yourself?

Dog Food? Just the type of food you would like in a Taco shell...

The idea here is not to let her comments bother you. Instead reply back in kind and be polite about it. Hopefully she'll realize her rude or insulting remarks will simply cause a reflection of like back to her.....LOL!.....

Have some fun. Return often. Watch her facial reaction(s) Practice makes perfect...

My Two Cents
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I wish I had your wit at that time. lol!!! In any case, I don't wish any harm upon her, I just hope that one day she realizes that we're all human and we shouldn't judge others who we don't know anything about. If she continues down that path of prejudice, all its going to do is cause harm on herself. All good advices on this thread. Thanks guys!

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