Annoying Advertising Phone Calls & National Do Not Call List


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Some things about this subject I have found out over time.

Computer calls don't know the difference between an answered call & a call picked up by an answering machine. If the connection is made, its an answered call as far as the computer knows. They will continue to call back.

There is normally an opportunity to press "this" number at the end of the "spill" to opt out of the call list. But you have to wait & wait & wait to get through the "spill" for that option.

When DNC was first initiated, they could not call unless you gave permission, unless you already do business with that company or is a political call. After about a year or so, there was so much pressure from the industry, politicians in Washington made some changes to the laws & passed them which include that they can call you unless they are asked to stop. I am not sure if they are required to provide an option to opt out or not.
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The "industry" has no pull in Washington. Robocalls cannot be made, period, unless you gave permission, or are already doing business with them.
I know of NO ONE who will, in good conscience give permission for this to happen.
I know of NO company that will badger you and expect you to continue doing business with them. It's common sense.
Politicians.........well, they are home free, as they place exceptions in laws that benefit themselves.
If the call is answered, by human or machine, the computer on the other end says...."hey, this is a good time of day to call.....suppertime" They will continue to call.
There have been no changes in the rules, it's just the criminals have overpowered the sheriff who is supposed to keep them at bay, and the sheriff is throwing up his hands.
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If memory still serves me, between live person to person calls where you could asked to be removed from the call list and automated RoBo calls there was software that heard you say HELLO.

Once it heard that greeting, it knew you where there and continued on with the speal. There was no means to interrupt verbally. You had to hang up. Then the automated software was upgraded again. Once you hung up the software understood your actions, reconsidered that action.

Software then either redialed you back again immediatetly or not long afterward. A never ending cycle. You'll listen whether you want to or not and/or grin and bare it all ...

So we all learned to listen on a machine or listened live on the phone without saying HELLO...which triggered the automatic speal. I would listen and never say anything. Dead air. As I often did...LOL! The culprits figured that out and automated RoBo calls where created. Never ending circles and cycles....

Calling local senators and congressman helps more then you might know. It's how the present investigations began. My suggestion. Dial up you elected officals and complain. Demand they act on your behalf and in your best interests or vote them out....HA HA.....

BTW: Web sites that want to market something realize we all use pop up blockers because we hate pop ups! Notice all the new methods they use to get and hold our attention. There not pop ups. They annoy us with lots of other stuff that evens follows you down the page, can't be clicked away and/or remain without anyway to avoid them or get rid of them!!!!!.... RoBo like web sites???? YIKES!!!!!!!!
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OK, it's down to the wire. I have been getting robocalls all day long and into the evening from Florida numbers asking me to get out and vote for a candidate and his buffoon. 4 so far today alone. As Scarlett Ohara said, "tomorrow is another day". I'm not even in Florida. I just want to interrupt the recording and tell them I have already "early" voted, and to leave my number alone, but I know I got 9 more days of this crap.
Organizing for America 813-445-5126 in case it shows up on your caller ID

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I have not received one single electioneering call this year. I have, however, been inundated with mailings for my state senate position.
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For a real phone experiance just live not only in a "swing state" but in one of the four counties in that state that supposedly can make or break a candidate's day.

Nonstop calls from just about every state (or so the caller I.D. says) plus unknown and private caller listings.

Hopefully they will stop after election day but will probably restart next year for the next election.

Add to that, good old Rachael and companies telling me they can save me a fortune on my electric bills and I feel like a full time answering service.
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You guys are making me lonesome. I can go days without receiving a single call.
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Furd, I can have them forwarded to you, if you want Problem is, I am having all the house calls forwarded to my cell while wifey is out west, just in case one of her recruiters calls that number. I think most of them are for the landline rather than my cell.
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That's my problem, too, Larry, and during the day that means 2 lines going to the cell (primary business line is permanent forward to my house business landline), so I get two chances to get them. Sometimes that means two calls one right after the other from the same morons.

Woody, we're in the same boat, buddy; Florida and Ohio get mentioned in that context about 100 times a day.

On the plus side, I don't get any political calls on the business lines.
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Do not call list doesn't work for me. I have been inundated with calls recently from American Solar something or other. They lie and say they work with Southern Calif Edison. I beg them every time to never call me again.
They have woken me up several times this week. They call every day of the week. Today they just called for the 5th time. Begging didn't work. so I did worse, I screamed and **&&% at them.

I now have the answer to this kind of problem, it just came to me. Next time I wll tell them what my answer is to them calling. then if they call again I will do it.
My answer is this: "If you call again, I will make an appointment with you. If I happen to be home when you come I will take your picture and a picture of your car license plate and file a complaint with the police. If I don't happen to be home, well that will be even better."

This probably won't work but it will be revenge.

Too bad "Rachel" from credit card services doesn't make house calls. I have had over a hundred calls from them. I have even gone thru their menu to opt out, that never works. They tell me I need to do something about my credit cards. I don't have any, at least any with any balacen on them.

Has anyone found something to stop them?
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My nephew went to work at a company which recieved incoming calls from potential loan applicants. One of his co-workers called him and tied him up for a half hour. Thought it was funny.
So my sister called that guy and kept him tied up on the phone for almost an hour talking about some silly thing we had contemplated. Buying two houses next to each other and building a tunnel from one house to the other so our cats could visit each other.(joke) but this guy bought the story and would stand up and say he had a real live one and was going to make several loans but the "woman is really kookey with a cat tunnel" so of course my nephew knew his mom was calling because we had told him about our kookey idea. Eventually she told the guy to stand up and go to the next cubicule to say hello to her son. And if he ever tied up her son on the line again she would do this again.
Did I tell you they worked on commission ? Lost money that day. Don't mess with my sister's son is the moral of the story. the guy never messed with my nephew again.
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It IS possible that the solar company has some kind of business arrangement with your electric utility and they get their "cold call" numbers from the utility. There is a loophole in the "Do Not Call" list regulations that allows companies with whom you do business with (or have done business with and NOT "opted out" from) to call in spite of your number being on the national Do Not Call lists.

I was being called several times a week, sometimes several times a day, from an 800 number but they would never leave a message. Doing a Google on the number I found out it is a marketing company contracted by Comcast. Since I have Comcast cable TV service I cannot opt out of receiving calls on behalf of Comcast. What I could do, however, was program a call block on the number for 90 days. It was so nice not seeing that number on my called ID up until a few days ago. I checked and my 90 day block had run out so I did another 90 day block.
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But Edison said they did not have any kind of relationship with them, nor with anyone else doing that kind of work.

FTC cuts off 'Rachel from Cardholder Services' -

The above link is a news story from last November. 'Rachel' is a very rich woman, she defrauded people out of about $30,000,000 by suckering them into listening to her. This was the FTC's number one 'criminal'. Several companies were shut down in November. Seems to me I've had a call since then. Definitely a scam. To find it if this link doesn't work google: Rachel cardholder services.

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