Sometime you just have to deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sometime you just have to deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a period of 2 or 3 years, I have dealt with unwanted phone calls.
I am up to date with the DOnotCall and I research every soliciting call that I do not recognise.
I can't begin to remember the number of "hang up" calls I have received and filed a complaint with.
A friend of mine said that he would occasionally get these calls and they slowely got worse.
He decided to register with the DNC and three months later he started getting MANY CALLS PER DAY
I got to thinking---That's what happened to me

As of today, I have received 20 calls over the weekend and 17 were SCAM CALLS I have received 5 calls today

What is strange is that AICR---- (American Institute for Cancer Research) make many calls per day for months, and never have the same number

I have finally come to the conclusion that I do not need to pay a phone bill to receive these calls.
These SCAMMERS are smarter then the DNC and the phone company.
It is obvious the DNC can't stop these calls and the phone company says they can't. The reason they can't is simply a matter of where they make the most money. They allow me to block SIX numbers??????
They make more money from these SCAM calls then they receive from my home service.
Now I am beginning to wonder about the DNC ???????? Needless to say---I am in the process of canceling my Land Line Phone service.
It's just a shame that consumers have to deal with these situations
How long before we are bombarded with soliciting and harassing calls to our cell phones??
Just my rant for the day
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They have already started on cell phones, mines even on the DNC list plus its a buisness phone.
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You should write your Rep. and Congressman. That will help if everyone does it. Maybe contact the local news and see if their are interested.
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I wrote mine last week. Got a response from my Representative which skirted the issue, since he benefits from the calls. I got one from one of my Senators which was so out in left field and did not even touch on my letter to him, that it seemed to be a "canned" response. So much for writing the people who are supposed to help you.
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I've had my cell phone number with the same provider for more than twelve years, I think I have received less than 6 advertising calls in that time and at least two of them were from AOL. When I told the AOL rep to not ever call again stopped those calls.

I had a land-line for a little over two years when I switched my Internet provider. I received my first spam call ( a political survey) within two hours of that line being activated. I NEVER gave out that number but I averaged two or three calls a day that were either advertising or for the previous owner of that number. I finally turned off the ringer and only used that phone for outgoing calls. I was supposed to have both caller ID and voice mail on that phone but neither ever worked.

I now have a VoIP phone, pay as you go, plan. As such it does not have incoming service and I use it only for outgoing calls. Obviously I have no spam calls coming in on it. I also save a TON of money on it as it has no monthly fee and the outgoing calls are less than two cents a minute. In my area standard land-line service for local calling only is about $35 a month. While I need high-speed Internet service for the VoIP I still save a ton of money with the VoIP and I eliminate the spam calls to boot.
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Is that Magic Jack Furd? I know that is one voip service among many. I thought though with Magic Jack you would get regular phone calls with the phone ringing. The same goes with any other voip service. I guess then you can set it up then so you don't have incoming calls? I ask as I have thought about getting Magic Jack or another voip service and then dropping our phone company to save money but I still would want incoming calls.
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No, not Magic Jack. From everything I read and hear Magic Jack IS a good VoIP solution. My sister has Magic Jack and as far as I know she is satisfied with it. I think that Magic Jack is $20 a year and unlimited usage but I'm not certain. I have to admit I do NOT like the marketing used by Magic Jack and getting the true info on the service charges is difficult.

There are several VoIP solutions and some are better than others. Most have fixed price-per-month options and some have pay-as-you-use rates. Some have no charges whatsoever if you don't actually use them and others will charge you a monthly 911 fee. If you go with a VoIP solution be sure to check out the company for the time they have been in business and the satisfaction level of their customers. There have been several VoIP companies that have bit the dust over the years. Remember, Google is your friend.
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I received my first spam call ( a political survey) within two hours of that line being activated.
Just a co-incedence. These tele marketing companies are becoming hi tech. They use robo dialers to dial entire blocks of phones numbers. They can blast out calls at an unbelievable rate. If you have caller ID you'll see a lot of them coming from California exchanges. They are supposed to check with the Do-not-call list first and then take those numbers out of their lists.....not! That's too much work. They aren't even supposed to be using robo callers but that gets over looked too

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