I've got power!!!


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I've got power!!!

I finally broke down and bought a generator today after 5 days without power and no clue when it was going to be restored.

I meticulously calculated priority loads and making sure that the loads were balanced. I spent an hour assembling the generator and running a spaghetti network of extension cords. I fired the generator up and just as advertised we had lights, water, tv and all the necessities.

One hour and twenty minutes later the power came on.
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Gotta love it.

10+ years ago we moved into our current house and within a week we were hit by an ice storm that knocked out power on Friday. Our big new generator arrived at the freight terminal the day of the storm but because of the ice and outages it did not get delivered to me until five days later. The same day the power came back. And I've not needed the big generator since. It's the best insurance against a power outage.
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Welcome back, Wayne.

One hour and twenty minutes later the power came on.
Yep, I call that the corollary to Murphy's law. The more you spend on an alternate source of power the less likely you are to need it. Don't be surprised if you go for years without needing the gennie. DO properly lay it up with gasoline stabilizer and draining the carburetor and such. Or, if you have natural gas (or propane) convert it to gaseous fuel like I did with mine. My generator can sit for a year and as long as I keep the battery charged it will start within a few seconds after connecting the gas hose.

(I still need to make that video of how easy it is to set up.)
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Awesome! We are close to having our power back. Right now it is 2 blocks away. I am hoping to wake up to electrons in my house.
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There should be a law against either trees near distribution lines or wires hanging somewhere out in the air.

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The city should take better care at trimming them so they don't bring power lines down.
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Woot! Power is back! Just waiting for the house to warm up.
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This year CT towns and the power company spent millions trimming trees. After Irene they were determined to reduce the amount of outages caused by downed trees. We drove around town early on the morning after this storm. My guess is that there were as many or maybe more downed trees as there was from Irene. I live on a 2 mile long country road. In that 2 miles there were 4 down trees that cut the power lines. This is after the town had cut down at least 10 trees and trimmed dozens more.

The question is, how far back do you trim/cut? I lost a 40' willow tree in my front yard. Had it fallen toward the road it would have hit power lines yet it was at least 30' from the road.
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Good News having the electrical power restored...

Never often enough do we realize nor consider how much we as individuals, a society and nation depend upon having power until we don't have it. Regardless of location in the nation. Out this way storms are not the primary concern. Earthquakes are. Haven't had one in many years. Therefore, being ready and prepared has been almost all but forgotten about.

Yesterday I was at the city offices. As a reminder, our city will begin running advertisements reminders prior to a movie at all movie theaters in the area. (I was involved in the drafting of the advertisement and the final display approval.) Reason and logic to run the ads for 6 months is attendance to our cities be prepared classes has fallen way off. These are free classes that run
classes one night a week where the basics of being prepared are explained, etc. Run by the fire and police departments, medical, building and safety staffs, all on off duty voluntary time. We even provide some free safety gear, booklets, lists of items to have etc. Yet attendance is low.

One would think...... planning ahead would be a priority or of a higher priority then it is locally and nation wide. However, building the nations power grid as part of upgrading the infrastructure isn't. So many obstacles to over come. Money is but one. The other is where to build more production facilities and what type of power production plants. Red tape abounds.

One of the primary obstacles is the NIMBY! (Not In My Back Yard) Everyone wants more power production but not here, there or anywhere. Always some where else but NOT HERE! Thus the stalemates, ...... disputes and resistance,etc. Until the lights go out....Then we begin the phase of "Grin and Bare It!" The "I Told You So." Cut the trees, bury the wires and build the power plants and distribution systems, etc, etc, etc, NOW.

Oh Well. Buy a generator and keep it well maintained. Might need it soon again. Another storm is coming to the East coast soon per the weather channel news reports. Our this way we get no forewarnings. Earthquakes just happen...... then all those whom did not prepare whine, cry and complain to those leaders whom can't help........soon enough....

My Two Cents...
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Wayne, I sympathize on the generator purchase. The year after Hurricane Charley (2004) blew through down here, I had an opportunity to get a nice 5.5k diesel generator at an attractive price. Poured a small pad for it to sit on next to the garage and installed a 6 circuit transfer switch. Since then it gets run about twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Have not had a power outage that lasted for more than an hour max.
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My theory is that if I spend money on a generator we will never lose power again. If so it's money well spent.
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My theory is that if I spend money on a generator we will never lose power again. If so it's money well spent.
I have a generator and by Dad just bought one and we constantly lose power.
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So you don't believe in murphy's law
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Never fails, get the genny, and the power comes on.
What I've been doing with my genny is keep the tank topped up, and simply sifon fuel from the genny tank to the lawn mower or snowblower. This way, it's always full with fresh fuel.
I need to me more consistant about running it once a month. I'll fire it up for about 20 minutes every month when I get the chance. skipped a few months as it slipped my mind.

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