A little something I've been working on


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A little something I've been working on

I thought I would share a time laps video which shows a bit of the project I've been working on for about 3yrs now.
Pretty cool to think that it was swamp a ~2yrs ago.
Mosaic is building one of the world’s tallest mining headframes at its Esterhazy K3 potash expansion site.
An exciting new time-lapse video showcases construction of the Esterhazy K3 service shaft headframe, featuring footage of the headframe slip forming, which took place over 18 days, growing the structure at a rate of approximately nine inches per hour to a height of 293 feet above ground level.

Construction of the headframe Koepe floor and penthouse is scheduled for 2013, bringing the structure to its completed height of 374 feet.
Original source: Video: Building a Headframe at Esterhazy K3
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Cool video!
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I don't see the pump trucks in the later stages. Were they able to pump up to the higher heights or was the concrete craned up?
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Where are you in Canada?

Here in the US that swamp would have been deemed a "wetland" and it would have taken 10 years to get approval to build there. The builder would have been required to construct an identical wetland in the area and provide duck houses and nesting areas for the local critters. If there are humans in the area pollution abatement would be required and bike paths would have to be provided.

That's assuming that there were no endangered rodents, plants or insects in the area. They're a deal breaker.

I read in the paper the other day that WalMart has begun construction on a store that took 20 years to get through the approval process.
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Pilot Dane,
They switched from the trucks to stationary pumps feeding through the center of the headframe as yes, the trucks just didn't have the power.
I'll see if I can dig up the presentation we had regarding this setup before it was used and confirm I can share it.

Wayne Mitchell,
I'm in Sudbury Ontario, but the site is in Saskatewan.
I've come across this tree hugging ordeal in a few threads on another forum. The environmental stuff is Saskatewan is a bit of a pain for industrial stuff, but nothing like down there. Keep in mind, our country is mostly undevelopped (in terms of cities). We do have some designated green land areas, but nothing like down there.
Also, when I said swamp, I should have said unusable farm land as it was overly wet. Dewatering has been a PITA since they started working at the site.

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