hair clliper question


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Cool hair clliper question

hi everyone
i've decided to get my own hair clippers and after some reasearch i am about to get these Oster - Pro Power 606-95 .
the oster 606 95 pro power. the thing is i found a website listing them as pet clippers (!!!) and some other websites as hair clipper for salons. does anyone know what they are made for ? the company's website ain't much informative about it. also i cant find any review or video about them too which is kind of weird.

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Not sure about Oster clippers but as far as the pros are concerned most I think like Wahl or at least that is what I believe my barber uses on my hair. Here is a link to the manufacturers website Wahl Home Products | Hair Clippers . You can find out where to buy Wahl and decide for yourself whether they might be better for you or not. I can't personally say I like one particular brand or another as I never have used them myself. Good luck!
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thanks for the reply,
i know Wahl, i decided upon oster due to the motor type which is a pivot motor and from what i've heard very durable. the thing is i cant find out if they are for pets or humans and they seem to be in the dark cause i cant find any reviews too , its like they are stealth clipers !!!
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A buddy of mine bought a high end Oster earlier this year but I can't recall the model number. 76 is coming to mind but I'll have to do some digging.
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What's the is hair
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Yep, my buddy bought a Classic 76 and has been very happy with it.
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yeah, hair is hair but there must be a reason for which they produce different once for pets and humans. there must be some difference in the characteristics of the hair such as thickness. anyway i bought them today, used it for the first time and its great. fast and smooth.although i am still curious to know its initial purpose.
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I'd call or visit a place that does grooming if you really need to know. Or maybe post over in the pets Topic. We have a vet tech that visits regularly...she may remember.

Clippers for animals are pretty much like people clippers when you get into the Pro models. They all have interchangeable blades and guides based on use. I know what we used on our horses way back was pretty much the same as a neighbor used on his sheep only with different blades.
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My Two Cents

As a vocational sharpening professional I have sharpened many types and brands of hair clipper blades. They are all hollow ground on the same machine. Never found nor seen any difference. Same as barber hair clippers are the animal hair clippers. In the commercial brand and applications. Interchangeable.

Our schools FFA (Future Farmers of America) program uses exactly the same hair clippers as any barber uses. We have 3 clippers and several blades. All sharpened on my same machine. Pro Bono. No charge to the school....

If one brand offers a sharpening service to the customer by sending dull clipper blades to them, that is/would be the deciding factor one should consider IMO.

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well i guess since there would be no real difference between the two types i think i'll be ok buying the oster 606 since i found them at a very good price. if they can cut a horses hair then i bet they can cut mine
thanks everybody

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