Christmas tree fell down!


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Christmas tree fell down!

So being the cautious guy I am, I always tie my Christmas tree to the wall with a thin wire. We get a 7-8 foot tree each year - typically we cut it down ourselves but this year we got one from a local tree lot.

We put the tree up on Sunday and decorated it. Then all of a sudden on Wednesday night it came crashing to the ground. The wire actually snapped! When I had put the tree up it was totally straight and very solid, so I can't imagine why it was leaning so hard on the wire.

When I tried to put it back up, the bottom of the trunk was so saturated that I couldn't get it to stand back up. I turned it and put the screws through a clean part of the trunk, which helped a little, and then I tied it to the wall with a thick rope. It's up and straight. So far so good.

But we are worried that maybe something is wrong with this tree? I have never heard of something like this happening. Trees falling yes, but not when they've been tied to the wall! When it fell, the bottom of the trunk seemed a little too soft - not quite spongy, and not rotted or anything, but just a little too soft.

The tree is not dead, in fact it still smells very new. I don't think the lot will let us exchange it, as there is nothing very obvious wrong with it. We can likely get it through the next 2-1/2 weeks and be done with it, but I'm concerned if something is inherently wrong with the tree it will fall again. I've already broken enough ornaments!

Has anyone experience anything like this, or have any advice they can share?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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Since putting our tree up, the cat has been highly intrigued. It's just a matter of time.
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Swag light hook in the ceiling and swag chain wrapped in garland to the top of the tree and wrapped two or three feet down the trunk?
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Could the problem possibly be your tree stand isn't wide enough and lets it simply fall over?
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I did not feel comfortable with our tree supported by a standard sized base so I bolted it to some legs that spread out it's foot print for more stability.

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Tough to say, I've had this stand for 10 years and this has never happened. I would have had to really put the tree up crooked for it to snap the wire this way but it absolutely wasn't crooked. Maybe I should get a wider stand. I'm good for this year because I roped it up, so as long as the tree isn't rotted I guess I'll move on...
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I had one of the traditional metal tree stands that my father had used for many years. Then the xmas tree kept falling over. The stand was the problem. I can't recall exactly, but the little prongs on the bottom were bent and the screws would twist easy to the side letting the tree come down. Went to Lowes and bought on of those big plastic ones with eight screws. The think works great and holds a told one water. The only drawback is that it doesn't have anything on the bottom to keep the tree from sitting flat. I make sure I cut the trunk on an angle so it can still drink the water.

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