Holiday scam warning


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Holiday scam warning

Haven't seen this myself, but it was mentioned in an email newsletter I get:

"6. Text Message Scam Back for the Holidays

The Better Business Bureau

The gift card text message scam is back with a vengeance this holiday shopping season. Shoppers across the country are reporting receiving spam text messages, called smishing, saying they won pricey gift cards.

How the Scam Works: You receive a text message. When you open it, you are surprised by a message "Black Friday Winner #88323! You have WON the Best Buy Gift Card for $1000! Get your prize at WEBSITE now! Use the code 5417." Once there, you are asked to enter the PIN and an email address. Then, you are taken to a form and instructed to fill out your name, cell number, mailing address and answer unrelated personal questions, such as "Are you interested in going back to school?" and "Are you diabetic?" When you reach the page to "claim your gift card," you instead find yourself directed to another site to apply for a credit card.

Sadly, these texts are just a way to collect personal information for shady advertisers. Scammers often change the store names and cash amounts of the gift cards.
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Gee, and you would think we are the smartest society to date......wrong.

On a similar note, wifey is still into her travel nurse thing and has several recruiters making her offers and trying to get her to go to Podunk, Iowa for a job, but she is holding her guns wanting to have something within 400 miles of home for a while.
While on one of their websites last night she clicked on something (who knows what it was), but apparently her resume and stuff went viral throughout the nursing industry. She has had no less than 40 calls from recruiters she has never heard of today. Oh, well, at least she is getting calls
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Here is one more thing to watch for.
Apparently some cashiers are entering a cash back amount on your credit/debit card at some stores. If you spot it but approve it, the cashier will give you the amount. Of course the interest clock starts immeadiatly from the card company. If you don't spot it on your bill and sign for the total, the cashier pockets the cash back amount.

By the time you get your bill from the card company, Christmas is gone and so is the seasonal cashier.

'Tis the season.
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Whenever I find a scam like that and I'm not in a hurry I'll fill it out with made up information just to waste their time.
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Aw, c'mon Justin, you don't do that, do you??? Good for you. I always pull the postage paid "bookmark" advertisements from magazines and drop them in the mail box. I don't fill them out, just drop them in the mail box. Whoever the advertiser is has to pay postage on them.
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I've been getting ads from banks wanting me to open an account. They are offering me a whopping ONE PERCENT interest rate if I deposit a minimum of $10,000. I carefully remove my name, address and possible identifying barcodes or number series from the literature and stuff it back in the reply envelope.

The receiving organization not only has to pay the postage, actually DOUBLE the postage according to USPS regulations, but they also have to pay someone to open and go through the mail on the off chance someone is actually silly enough to take the offer.

I've been doing this with all sorts of offers for years. I get a bit depressed when they want ME to pay the postage.

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