Need to get for Christmas [Christmas rant]


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Need to get for Christmas [Christmas rant]

Maybe I'm just getting grumpy as I get older, but this need to buy stuff for people for Christmas is getting a bit much.

I can understand buying the kids a little something (our own and those of close friends), but us adults...?
If I left Christmas shopping to the wife, everyone would be getting a gift, and I'd be in debt.

Been asked a couple times about what I want for Christmas (from friends and family). My answer has been the same every time.
"Show up at the house with a bottle of something. I'll bring the glasses, ice and the playing cards."
If I need or want something, I buy it. Can't buy a good night of drinks and cards.
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Being on a fixed income I feel the pressure even more. An old family friend (50+ years) also on a fixed income spends more then I think she and her husband really should and I end up reciprocating with more then I really should. If I could choose I'd settle for a card and occasional ride to the emergency room.
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We quit buying gifts for adults several years ago - by mutual agreement. I think everyone gave a sigh of relief. My wife still does a secret Santa thing at work and we buy each other a gift.

We overdo for the grandkids though.
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I argue with wifey every year about this. She overspends (IMO) on her adult son (who's birthday in in Nov)....but I never push that, it's a losing battle. She also sends gift cards to her niece and nephews who have never reciprocated that I remember. I understand that they can use the help (even though they spend spend spend on "toys").....but we don't have a lot of expendable income either.

I never ask for anything, I'm like Mike.....if I really need or want it...I'll buy it.

We don't really celebrate holidays that much, even birthdays (between us) are just a small gift (maybe) and dinner of our choice.
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People have no idea about anything I need. Don't buy me tools, please. I have every tool made in the world. I do this stuff for a living, and I am equipped. A gift card is nice. Not pricey by any means. So let me buy my stuff and let's just get together and have a good time. I know the tradition regarding gifts, but no one can keep it sane anymore!

OK grandkids, that's different. Don't get in my way, OK???
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I'm the same as the rest of you guys. If I want something, and it is rare that I do, I just go ahead and buy it. All too often I have give a detailed list to someone that they can pick from and they instead give me something like perfumed soap or a Wally*World equivalent. I can't stand ANYTHING perfumed and if I wanted something from Wally*World I would have specified it come from there. I once suggested to my sister that she could buy me a very specific beef stick summer sausage from a local family-owned packer but she got me the WW equivalent and it was more grease than meat.

No way in the world will I allow anyone to buy me tools. Even my dad, who knew tools, would buy me cheap Chinese junk instead of what I specified. Sure, I buy Chinese (and other) tools and supplies on occasion but at my age (and being retired) I probably only need the tool for one silly job. Thirty years ago I needed tools for my daily work and cheap tools just didn't cut it.

These days the best gift you can give me is a gift card for Amazon.
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Since I am broke I get a cheap box of generac christmas cards at wally world. Then I put those Holiday lottery tickets/ ripp offs inside. One per adult

For $100 bucks I can take car of 20 people.

Holiday Spectacular

Oh, I put a clause on the card that 50/50 split if large prize is won.....
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We've cut back over the last few yrs and don't buy as much. Probably close to as much gets spent on the grandson as does for all the kids. Like most of us, I prefer gift cards. Seldom do I get a tool that I would have bought for myself.... and don't get me started on shirts

She still sends out cards to everyone she knows - over $20 worth of stamps, who are all these folks
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Years ago our gift giving reached obscene proportions. It took hours to open the gifts. With the usual BS of trying to make sure that everyone received about the same number of gifts, about the same value... I finally snapped and said no store bought gifts. Kids can be spoiled rotten but for adults don't give a gift you did not make. Now Christmas is more enjoyable for everyone with less money spent on unwanted gifts. Some that were less capable complained that they did not know how to do or make anything but it turned out to be a good excuse for them to try.
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Pretty interesting thread. Seems we're all pretty much in agreement. Must be that "dyed in the wool" DIY'er thing.

Good thinking amazon gift card is a pretty useful thing
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Speaking of gift cards I do surveys for different places it gives me a bit of cash and Amazon gift cards which helps during the holidays. Anyway I don't get much and you don't get rich doing them but it sure is handy during the holidays. I had heard about them on the news years ago and did a Google search. Some of those surveys take a great deal of patience but can be fun depending on the topic so they are not for everyone.

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Our Christmas gift exchange has dwindled down to just me, my mother, and her sister (their ages 90 and 75). We all have everything we need and can afford to buy what we don't have. I'd love to cut the gift giving out completely, but I get outvoted by the womenfolks. Not only do we need a "main gift", but we need 8-10 "stocking stuffers" per person. I'd opt for gift cards, but I get the lecture about "not showing I care by taking the easy way out". I get so stressed out trying to buy an appropriate gift (without blowing my budget) that the holidays cease to be enjoyable. Another factoid -- elderly women should never buy the younger men in their lives anything related to electronics, tools, or car accessories. Those horror stories would fill pages!
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Not only do we need a "main gift", but we need 8-10 "stocking stuffers" per person.
I would just tell them that coal is way to expensive to be given away as a stocking stuffer.

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