CT has found the answer to gun violence


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CT has found the answer to gun violence

Today, democratic politicians in the state announced a 3 point plan to help reduce gun violence. They intend to introduce legislation that will (1) expand the definition of an assault weapon, (2) limit clip capacity to 10 rounds and most importantly, and this is the lynch pin of their plan, they want to add a 50% tax on the sale of ammunition.

Can you imagine? A madman lays out $1500 for an AR-15 but he can't shoot anyone because he can't afford the ammo!
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Sounds like our provincial goverment's plan to cut smoking and keep alcoholism to a minimum.
I pay somewhere around 200% tax on ciggarettes and liqure is taxes so heavy that I couldn't afford to be an alcoholic.

It's a win/win. They look like they are getting tough on these issues, and when they fail, they still take in big tax dollars.
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and this is the lynch pin of their plan, they want to add a 50% tax on the sale of ammunition.
So how much does ammo for an Ar-15 go for?
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Sorry, some how the quotes didn't work...that is a famous bit by Chris Rock

Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders.
Chris Rock
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.223 ammo isn't that expensive. It is a small bullet compared to hunting rounds. Projectile isn't much bigger than a .22. Charge part is larger. Up that to a 30.06 or 500 mag and you are talking money.
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Baltimore City talked about adding an additional tax on ammo. Something like $1 per round IIRC. Small price to pay for people that could care less about legal gun ownership.Wait, I can't afford to spray all those bullets at a rival gang. Not to mention that all someone would need to do is buy the ammo outside the city limits and avoid the tax.
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I think the focus needs to be more on people & education since I have not seen many cases of banning or taxing working. Prohibition did not stop people from drinking. It just gave rise to moonshining, smuggling, organized crime and a lot of violence. We've had a war on drugs for 30 years now and what do we have to show for it. Drug use is out of control and we have the largest percentage of citizens in jail of any country on the planet and people are being killed from Colombia to Canada and everywhere in between.

The current campaign against drunk driving seems to be rather effective. They did not ban cars which obviously would not fly but did put a lot of effort into public education and enforcement of the laws. After 20 years MADD and other organizations have made drinking & driving almost un-cool and taking a taxi or having a designated driver the norm.
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I think MADD is an excellent example of how to address a social issue. Drunk driving isn't about the car and it isn't about alcohol. They wisely recognized that pulling a Carrie Nation wasn't going to solve the problem. Instead they focused on public awareness, law enforcement and punishment.

In another thread I mentioned a guy the cops just busted for walking into a gun store and walking right back out with an AR-15 that he took from an open display rack. On the news last night they reported that he had done exactly the same thing a couple of years ago.

He's being treated for schizophrenia and has had other weapons arrests. His sentence on the first theft was 18 months - on probation!
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There was a local TV newscaster on a radio show I was listening to last night and his opinion is that while we may see some firearm legislation out of this, he thinks there will also be some attention paid to addressing mental health issues. One example given was that 50 years ago there were 559,000 beds available in in-patient mental health facilities in the U.S. and only 43,000 now. These were absolute numbers, not modified to account for the significantly larger population of the country since then. There are just plain a lot of people with issues who are not being treated or watched they way they should be right now due to all of the mental healthcare funding cuts we have seen over the years.
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I also strongly disagree and am repulsed by Hornady Ammunition's creation and marketing of Zombie ammunition and copycat marketing of zombie targets and now zombie hunting/shooting magazines. It's bad enough that young people spend hours playing 1st person shooter video games becoming desensitized to shooting and what a gun really does. Then you add lime green ammo specifically marketed for the wholesale slaughter of humanoid zombies furthering the belief that a gun and bullets downrange are somehow toys, harmless or fictitious. Throw in someone with a wrecked childhood, poor home life or mental illness and nothing good can come of it.

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