TV screens at gas pumps


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TV screens at gas pumps

A couple weeks ago, the Chevron I frequent installed TV screens on their gas pumps. It broadcasts CNN with news headlines, weather, etc. I don't mind saying I hate this. The main purpose is to distract people so they will spend more money. The TV program obscures the fuel selection buttons on the LCD screen. So people get confused if they don't want a full tank and want to cut off the pump. Meanwhile the pump is still running up a gas purchase while they figure it out. It's just another underhanded business tactic. I admit it caught me off guard the first time. One other guy there got so pissed off he cursed and bashed the screen with his fist. I no longer go to that filling station. I just want to buy gas, not be bombarded by by loud volume and advertisements. I think this is going to get on some people's last nerve with the way the economy is today.

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I think I have only been in a gas station that had TV in the pumps once or twice. Since I always fill my tank I didn't notice if the TV obscured the flowmeter or dollar totalizer.

There is a grocery store where I sometimes go that has TV at the check out counters. Now THAT is irritating!
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The stations in my area have the screens on top of the pumps, not blocking the total $, gallons, etc. Since they take credit cards, they are trying to run attention getters and some ads to get you inside to buy other products.

I hope you don't throw things at your TV everytime they run an ad.
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I have heard of those stations and I think I was at a gas station once that had those tvs. They never bothered me though as the attendants station was right where the pumps were so you could either pay at the pump or pay the attendant and I decided to pay the attendant.
I was once at a department store years ago now before it was bought by a much bigger department store and I was looking over videos and other things. Someone had raised the volume up so loud with rock and roll music that it would give you a headache. I went by the stereo and lowered the volume to something less blaring and one of the store employees went to the stereo and raised the volume back up. When I complained the employee said that is the way I want it so I just left as I was getting a headache and I figured I didn't need their junk anyway. I haven't been back since then and probably never will. If the gas station gets enough complaints and people start going somewhere else then they will change their ways fast!
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At the filling station I went to, the TV program completely superimposed the fuel selection LCD screen when the fueling began. But you're right, the total meter LCD is a separate screen. But it still involves trickery. I'm tech savvy and it flustered me briefly. I pressed on the screen a few times and the fuel screen reappeared. But it made me forget all I have to do is press the pump handle and unlatch the lock to stop the flow!

Wow, Hedgeclipper. That dept store employee turns up the volume and says, "That's the way I want it." That's just wrong. Maybe that was the accepted policy at that location. Might have needed a complaint to district manger or higher.
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Our Chevron has audio boxes that advertise. You can mute them by pushing the mute button....that is if it is left. People get really irritated at the thing and press extremely hard, sometimes with foreign objects to get it to shut up.
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I know Chandler. What you said reminded me of something. All three times I used the TV screen Chevron station, the screens were malfunctioning. I didn't have any trouble with my credit card anywhere else. I wonder if rough handling by angry customers was already taking its toll?
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TV screens at gas pumps.
TV screens in department stores.
TV screens in super markets.
TV screens are everywhere or soon will be.
TV screens are in many 'TEST' market areas nation wide.
You're not only watching the screen. The screen is also watching you....
Or soon will be.

Facial recondition is coming of age. Smile. You're on camera.
Capture your face and compare it to the existing data base on us (you) and the ever building data base being built. Already being done in many outside areas and also in many public locations. Great for security too.

Hearing the audio? It's also hearing you as well?
If not now, it soon will be. Also great for security as well.

Swipe a card? Soon to be old technology.
Finger print readers are soon to be everywhere as could be eye retinal readers too.
Far more secure then any card, any card reader or any other source of identification's.

Got a face book page with your photo? Or any photos on face-book? Might want to delete them while you still can. Company petitioning government to use your photo(s) for any purpose it wants since what is online is not private nor private any longer private. Might be surprised what the big "G" search engine knows about you already.......

Have a TV cable set top box? Like all cable TV companies, that box has it's own unique ID number assigned to your account. That cable box knows what channel the box is set on at any given time. Cable companies now requesting the public utility companies in your area(s) to use that info to tailor ads specifically to you based upon your personal viewing habits. Same as the computer you're using has it's own ID number and the ISP you use has it's own IP address for you.

Cable companies already know how many viewers (TV Cable Boxes) are set to a channel watching any given program at any given time period. That's how the ratings are determined for any given broad casted event, show or series, etc. Under the guise (false pretenses) of enhancing your viewing experience, they will be able to tailor advertisements and target you based upon your viewing experiences, channels watched and advertisers in your local areas etc. TV is already watching you...

YEP! TV is already watching you...
Soon might be an EYE in upper right or left hand corner of the TV screen. Bottom left already being used for advertisements, future broadcasts, shows and advertisers, etc. Bottom right is channel ID to foil copying show or channel. Locations unused. Upper right and or left, if not already taken up. More distractions to enhance your viewing experiences...LOL!

Welcome to the forever growing NEWER and IMPROVED "Digital and Tech" age.
You can run but you cannot hide......
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If you suspect the above to be all or partly BULL, try this, if you haven't already done so.

Have a cable TV box? Great. Think it is already pre-set to match your TV and viewing preferences? May not be. Try this.

Call your provider. Ask them to remotely adjust and fine tune the set top cable box you have to match your specific TV brand and model. Then adjust the defaults pre-settings to match your viewing preferences. As you wait, watch and interact with the service tech, they will make adjustments and ask you if what you're seeing and hearing is improved and matches your viewing and audio preferences. Worked for me... I have the big "T" "W" as a provider. Likely the one you have can also due the above for you.

If you have a newer box, might not even need the phone. With your approval, (at least for now but may not need be in the future) you can hang up and speak directly to service person via the set top box and hear them as well....

Tech request: Please speak clearly and slowly. Also please step closer to the box. Kindly lower the background noise so we can hear you more clearly...LOL! It's a long way to that foreign country you know...HA HA.

Soon that TV "EYE" may allow you to see the tech and he/she to SEE you too! Right there on your TV...LOL! Face to face and person to person personal high tech remote service LIVE...

BTW: Same applies to your computer. If you want a faster cable internet connection, ask for it. And the test to verify you're getting it. Might be amazed what a 'few dollars more' can provide...

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