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Forum Post Quoting

Ok, I feel like an idiot... I've been using the DIY forums for a while, and have yet to figure out how to include someone else's post. But I've seen others do it. Where is the button hiding!??! Or do I have to key in the markup manually?


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First, don't do it unless you absolutely have to, or, at least only copy the really pertinent section of the post; quoted posts are usually more nuisance than help.

Second, it's a manual cut and paste process and then you use the quote cloud button to wrap the tags around your post.
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Where is the button hiding!??!
Right above this quote in the bar. Looks like a cartoon quote balloon. Just highlight what you want quoted, hit CTL C, then the balloon, then CTL V, and backspace over all the other drivel below it, leaving the quote.
Yeah, don't quote the entire post. We can read the original if you refer to it, and only quote what you need to do to draw our attention to it.
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Gotcha. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't lost my mind. Most discussion forums I use have a "Reply with Quote" button after every post in a thread, and normally when I use them I remove all but the necessary parts to keep the page from getting unnecessarily long.

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Also a refer URL will be added when you copy. Please remove that part after pasting.

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The reply with quote button disappeared a couple of site upgrades ago. I think one of the main reasons was because we had some members, generally newbies, who were in love with it and they would reply to a long post with the "reply with quote" so their post immediately became long itself. The latest method cuts down on unnecessary re-quotes.

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