Pricey coffee!


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Pricey coffee!

Kopi Lowak up to $700 a kilo. And I thought Keurig was a ripoff!

There's also an elephant crap version from Thailand at an astronomical $500 a pound.

Who drinks this? (pun intended)

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Here I am thinking Folgers at retail is atrocious I catch the Really dark blend on sale for $7.50 for 2 lbs, and I'm happy. I love my coffee, but not to the tune of $700. I don't even buy Starbucks.

Side note: back in the 70's coffee was so cheap we used it to deodorize the inside of meat hauling trailers once they were empty.
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$200 hamburgers, $2'000 cokctails, $50'000 watches, $2'000'000 cars, $20'000'000 yacht or jet, $200'000'000 private island... I played the big Power Ball lottery. Had I won I might have told you how I liked some of those things.

About a year ago when in Costa Rica I wanted to get some unroasted coffee to bring home. I asked for 1 thinking I was getting 1 kilo to bring home in my suitcase to learn a bit about roasting. The guy came out with a 50 kilo sack. The price is ridiculously low compared to US prices. I even checked their brand online. Roasted and in nice colorful packages in the US brings the price up more than ten fold. Sometimes I think things are priced to what someone will pay, not what it actually cost to produce.
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Sometimes I think things are priced to what someone will pay, not what it actually cost to produce.
That's how everything is priced.
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And don't forget what P.T. Barnum said, too................
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I was only in a Starbucks once as I received a $20.00 gift card to try some coffee for a survey for some company I can't remember now. I had my mom,me and her friend and I thought this should go far but it didn't. I bought three coffees and I think some cookies and still had to pay a bit. I can't remember now exactly how much more as it has been too long ago now.
The reason places like Starbucks and other places exist is because we all like our coffee maybe a bit too much and they charge so much because they know they can. If people quit drinking coffee which I seriously doubt they will then the price would go way down. I seriously think it is an addiction like with candy for instance but one you can control. Myself I only use instant coffee and then only one spoonful but my brother now uses several spoonfuls of coffee and drinks much more than my two cups a day.
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Took the wife and kids out to a new Asian Bistro in the area for lunch. Enjoyed a wonderful meal, 4 entrees, sushi and 4 sodas. Bill came to $36 with tip.

The wife and kids were pestering me to then take them out for frozen yogurt to a chain that they had been to, and I reluctantly agreed. I'm not much of dessert fan particularly after the big lunch we just had. I won't name the chain, but you walk in and there are 12 or so machines in the wall each with a different flavor of frozen yogurt. Everything is self-serve and after choosing your flavor you go to this buffet style bar with every imaginable type of topping you can think of. There was not a traditional menu board on the wall so I assumed Small and Large as those were the 2 size cups available to choose from. When we go to the register I noticed a scale. It was then that I noticed a small sign maybe 6" x 8" in size over the cashiers shoulder, it read - "Frozen Yogurt $ .69 per ounce". I looked at my wife's cup loaded with pineapple chunks and bananas. My kids cups were piled high with snicker bars and gummy worms. Mine was just a sampler with a little yogurt and some syrup as I was not hungry. After the "weigh in" my bill came to $34 I scolded my wife for not warning me and told the kids even if they get sick, they are finishing every spoonful. Apparently, they are reserved when my wife takes them, but sky is the limit when dad is buying. This particular chain has received the last dollar I will ever spend with them. Insult to injury, I also felt obligated to stuff the tip jar for the 17 yr old holding down the fort.GI2

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