More Sandy Hook fallout


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I agree Bud9051 there is too much liberal news out there. At the same time though the article the_tow_guy mentions though I think is important and points to the fact that many guns are not properly locked up. Of course in this case if memory serves me right this wasn't a small child but a teen who had died from a gun shot.

I for one though am getting real tired of hearing so many things about gun control and just talk. If they want to add more laws then go ahead and start the debate and quit just talking about it. I think they need to make sure that every gun gets properly sold but other than that there is no need for new laws just strengthening of existing laws. I also think the federal government should stay out of it and let the states decide about new gun laws if they are needed.
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The news channels don't care about what they are reporting. They report whatever sells the most ads. Unfortunately, the public wants exactly what they offer. If they wanted good news, the PBS news and BBC World news would have the highest ratings. If that were to happen, all those 24 hour news networks would change in a heartbeat.
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Are you saying PBS's (and NPR for that matter) reporting is not skewed? If so, you need to listen closer. While their reporting is more in depth, it is still targeted to the liberal side of things and is just as anti-gun as the rest of the media.
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Mandating "fair and balanced" news is a very scary proposition. Who gets to decide?
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How can news reports be anti gun? I'm not talking about news analysis because that isn't news. That's the editorial page on the newspaper.
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Droo. Most of the "news" reporting nowadays IS editorialized. No agency reports just the news. They have to add their two cents worth of drivel, no matter what.

What you said is how it USED to be, before news agencies found out they could manipulate people in their audience. I believe it is just a fun game for them sometimes.
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I haven't watched the PBS news or BBC world in quite awhile so perhaps they have changed. But I don't see why. The PBS and BBC world news are not making money from ads.

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