Newbie here


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Newbie here

Hello. Just wanted to find the right place to introduce myself. Found this place by accident and love what I see. Won't be a regular, but in and out from time to time. I'm a retired federal employee after 35 years working on Navy/Marine helicopters and jets, moved into management in 1984, moved into logistical computer systems and moved again to programming in dBase II, III+, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and some Oracle 8i. Have given up all that to have a couple of Shopsmiths and doing some woodworking. Self taught and very thankful to God that I've had no injuries. Came close the other day which was my lack of concentration.
Sometimes frequent HandymanClub forums and more often Shopsmith forums. This site has broader coverage of what I'm looking for and I see lots of good information. I don't get to do as much woodworking as I would like because of financial constraints and caring for wife with MS, Lupus in wheelchair. So, I get to be Mr. Mom but in my spare time, make some sawdust. Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

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Hello and welcome to DIY

Most of the members on this site drop in with a question or two, get their answers and move on.

Some stay longer and chat a while.

It's all good.....we're here to help.
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Anyone who worked on NAVAIR jets is always welcome.

Tow Guy
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Hi welcome to the forum. You will find that this forum is much better than anything else out there. You might have noticed after your post that you didn't see a number beside it. That is normal as posts and opinions count in the General Chat area but are not counted by number. Once you are in the rest of the forum and contributing your posts will count.

Glad to hear you know about computers I am not an expert as I am not certified but I have been working on my own and some friends for years so I welcome your opinions and hope you will contribute there some. My main job is of a landlord and I try to give out advice there where I think I can contribute. I also enjoy wood working like you do so I will be interested in seeing what projects you might have. Pictures are always welcome and you can read here how to post your project pictures . Have a nice day!
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Welcome aboard, Steve. Look around and make yourself comfortable, that's what we do.

Any questions, just holler. And I'll bet your programming skills might prove invaluable to some other members.

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Thank you.

Thanks for your generosity and acceptance. Will be trying to upload some of my beginning woodworking projects. Learning as I go.

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Will be trying to upload some of my beginning woodworking projects
If you have questions on these projects, then it'll be fine to upload the pics on the forum.

However, if you're just wanting to show us your projects, then you'll need to upload them to the "Did It Myself" section: Did it Myself! |

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