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99 Store

I know they are the butt of humor for Jay Leno but we have one chain of them here that is nothing to be laughed at. They are closer to mini Walmarts then anything else. With everything from food and produce to tools. On my monthly shopping journey I stopped by there before Krogers. I spent $18 dollars at the 99 store and spent about $40 less at Krogers then I usually do because of what I was able to buy at the 99 store. Great saving on food while still getting what you want. In fact I probably bought more then if I had shopped just at Krogers because I could afford to.
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I use a carpet cleaning product from a dollar store around here which is a buck a quart - it's the only product I've ever found that actually cleans everything it says it does on the label.
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We don't have any 99 cent stores but we do have several of the ones that have the $1 pricing. We buy all our bread at one of them - beats paying 3x the price at the grocery store I think my wife also buys cleaning supplies and other stuff there too..... but the bread is the only product there that I have an interest in
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We used to have a couple of nice dollars stores within walking distance and one in particular had some real nice tools which I though was a bit surprising as at other dollar stores they had just cheap junk. At the store I really liked the woman who owned the store had some of the better stuff marked a bit higher but it was still a bargain. Too bad the stores are both gone now as even the one that wasn't as good had a good variety of things. Thefts from both stores and the economy played a big role in both stores demise.
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We have a couple of Dollar stores in my area but they only sell crap. Cheap jewelry and stuff like that. I went in one once.

I agree that it pays to shop around though. The price difference for the same brand name product can vary a bunch from store to store. Yesterday I comparison shopped 4 stores for 12 pack Keurig coffee.

Stop & Shop $8.49
Wal Mart $6.99
BX $6.59
Commissary $6.19
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Based on what I've observed in these stores, paying attention to other patrons, these stores make a lot of their money on products, that if bought in larger-quantity-packaging, would be cheaper per-unit at the conventional stores. Certainly there can be some decent deals, but many of those good deals depend on how one uses what one has bought there, and if that usage will be enough to wear out said item. I probably won't buy a dollar screwdriver set because it's probably made out of softer metal than the screws I'll be turning, even if being used in the house instead of out in the workshop. On the other hand, a dollar for a cable that lets me plug my phone into the USB port on my computer might not be such a bad deal, so long as it functions.
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OK, we have an "Everything $2" store in an adjacent town. I get pretty good deals on long underwear, jeans (cheap), socks, etc. Not my first stop, but I do patronize it. Totally embarassing moment....took wife in once.
She asked "how much is this, there's no price tag"........
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I had an independent renegade type dollar store near me several years ago, he had different stuff than the others, high quality surplus. He had top of the line Thomas & Betts ty-wraps with the stainless steel locking tab in original sealed packs. All sizes 6" to 18", black and white, some with screw loops all for a dollar. I must have bought 75% of his stock. I had so many I started selling them on ebay. The larger sizes going for $10-$15 each. I still have some, they are too good to waste on day to day stuff. He also had some huge 12" rolls of industrial double sided foam tape which I also ebayed for a handsome profit. Sadly, that store is long gone.

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