Man may face charges for saving a boy with a gun


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Post Man may face charges for saving a boy with a gun

As I have said in other posts I don't oppose gun registration as I think it helps to cut down on crime some. Is gun registration perfect no way but it helps to deter criminals from buying guns and insane people from buying them if laws are changed. Of course there will always be ways for criminals and insane people to buy guns but if the police do there job properly and citizens report guns being sold out of the back of cars which is never a good sign then things can start to change

I just saw a chilling report though on our local fox affiliate about a man who will very possibly be charged for carrying a gun without a license,discharging the gun out of his yard and finally carrying an unlicensed gun. After saving a boy from a deadly dog attack.

For those who don't live near the District Of Columbia you probably would never know that until recently you couldn't own a gun in D.C.. Finally the case went before the Supreme Court and guns were then allowed as they said D.C.'s gun law was unconstitutional. Well you can own guns now there but they make owning a gun very difficult and any gun you might have brought in from say nearby Maryland after moving into D.C. until recently was strictly illegal. Even registering it though to make it legal is very difficult there.

This to me is far left thinking and as I said o.k. you want the gun registered in case there is a crime I am not against it and as said above I don't want insane people getting guns either. This case though really shows bad government in motion. I know if I owned a gun I would shoot those dogs and I wouldn't worry about the law. I didn't see the Fox article but I found a Washington Times article that doesn't name the hero who saved the boy with his gun here is the link D.C. man who shot dogs biting boy could face charges - Washington Times . I certainly wish the man good luck and I hope they don't charge him.
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I cetainly hope the gun was registered or it will be another case of a screwed good samaritan.
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I don't oppose gun registration as I think it helps to cut down on crime some
Once the government knows where the legal guns are (via registration), what is the next step? See Schindler's List.

How do you propose that registering guns will cut down on crime??? Only law abiding citizens will register their guns, and normally law abiding citizens don't commit crimes. Crimes are committed by criminals with unregistered, often stolen or illegally imported guns. I can see it now....downtown Brooklyn....."OK, all you gang bangers need to register your guns!! Please"

The man who shot the dog attacking the boy is a hero. They should, now, take the dog's owner and prosecute him/her. I bet, no matter the repercussions from the twisted DC court system, if you asked the man if he'd do it again, the answer would be "yes" without a moment's hesitation.

The gun is an instrument, only. It will not jump off the shelf and shoot someone by itself. It is not evil. It needs no registration by a government that can't even wipe it's own backside.

If background checks is the only way we can help eliminate the bad element procuring guns, or possessing them, then so be it. But, don't try and make me register my guns. What will be next on the agenda of rights you will be willing to give up. See below.
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The most vocal anti gun group in my area is really making headlines following Sandy Hook. The state has formed a committee to come up with "solutions" to gun violence. This anti gun group has recommended to the committee not only the ban on assault weapons and high cap mags but also their destruction. So far they have not outlined how that would be accomplished. I'm assuming that means confiscation by the government.

I don't see that happening, but it is a clear indicator that there are groups of people that would have no problem with jack booted storm troopers kicking down your door to confiscate your registered weapons.
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I don't know if you have children hc, but if that were my son, I would sell my house to defend that guy. He can be my neighbor any day.

I'm certain he knew, when he went for his gun, the problems he could face, but he did as thousands and thousands of gun owners would do, he saved that young man. 3 pit bulls, the boy was toast.

What was the alternative, 911 and take pictures?

Yesterdays news "Wisconsin Sheriff Wants Residents to Help Defend Themselves, Get Gun Training ". Declining budgets means fewer police to do a job they can't do properly now, protect us. And the other side wants to add controls to the law abiding side and further tip the scales in favor of the bad guys??

Sadly, zero tragedies is not attainable and headlining every shooting here and there to whip up the emotions and make people think that banning (et al) is the solution, is flat irresponsible. Young children should be taught "don't touch, but do tell" just like reporting inappropriate touching, and not talking to strangers. Teenagers need to know the basics, don't point a gun at a person, all guns are loaded, and for some, how to use one properly. Our towns and schools do not have the budgets to hire a school police force, so the students and teachers will need to pick up the slack. Maybe having a police presence will restore some of the respect students should show for law enforcement.

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It's hard to pick a side in this without knowing anything more about the shooter. IMO If he and the weapon were clean he should be given a medal.

There is one good thing that came out of this - three dead pit bulls.
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I agree this man in D.C. is a hero and his neighbors think so too. I didn't pay attention to the story too well last night as I was doing stuff on my laptop but I believe the father of the boy spoke up for his neighbor.

As far as gun registration goes I personally think guns need to be registered only when the gun leaves the possession of its rightful owner. In D.C. though as I said up until very recently you couldn't legally own or possess a fire arm of any kind. Also giving the current law in D.C. it is very near impossible to register guns that have never been registered even if you wanted to do so. If a person goes from D.C. to Maryland where there are plenty of legal gun shops the person from D.C. can buy a gun and get it registered after a background check which is required here in Maryland but never can bring it into D.C., not legally anyway even though the gun is registered.

What I have heard about is a national database that would keep track of all gun registrations which really makes sense as a gun can be carried anywhere in the United States. Maybe too it would be a way for the D.C. government to acknowledge the legal sales of guns over their borders and stop some of the stupidity that goes on there, although I kind of doubt it given the government there now. I personally am glad I live in Maryland where I know I could buy a firearm without any problems if I so desired one and discharge that gun with a permit to carry which is also available here. In D.C. things are changing for legal gun ownership but at too slow a rate. This case though if it goes far enough may change laws more in the favor of a persons right to bear arms.

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