Just a Brag


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Just a Brag

Wife ran 1/2 marathon last wknd (Jan 20) along with her coach/gym owner/ friend/my personal trainer (cuz I fix stuff at her gym for free).

Wife ran 1:53:05 for 13.1 miles, avg pace 8:38, #52 out of 914 in her age group. Personal best time by about 5 min.

Her friend ran 1:41:11, avg pace 7:44, #26 out of 1242. Also personal best. She's 6 yrs younger and has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer since forever.

Man, these women are awesome! I doubt I could bike as fast as they run (if I biked). I didn't think I was all THAT out of shape...til I see what they do.....wow!

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Sweet! Tell her good job. We just got into Sedona, going to do some hiking. Hope i can keep up with MY wife!
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XSleeper - Be real careful in Sedona. Don't fall prey to the Magnetic Vortexes.

Beautiful city, just a bit odd around the edges.
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Yeah, wife went to Sedona and met up with her Dad and Step-mom last year. She said the same, beautiful but some odd folks...oh...and expensive as all get out.

Also where her card number was stolen and used w/in 24 hrs in Spain and Mexico. Check your account carefully.

She want's to run a race there, but they've been scheduled when it's pretty hot, and the cost of the stay is double the cost of the race. She also isn't a big fan of hills...and oh yeah, they have hills!
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Very impressive. I don't even like driving that far!
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Shoot, there are days when I can't even sprint to the phone
and Vic, it's no brag when it's a fact.... at least that's what Will Sonnet always said

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