What's up with the weather?


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...transpirate is when they leave Florida in the spring...
Most commonly the day after Easter. Then we can get where we're going, eat out again, and play 18 holes for 1/2 price.

Temps here back around 80 for the week again.
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Is FL still very active with snowbirds?

From what I hear, it's getting pretty expensive to buy in as an out of state resident.
I know one or two people who bought in AZ and where able to get gated community houses for pennies on the dollar.
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Over a foot of snow here overnight! More to come!

Our poor little Malinois pooch is going crazy because he just got fixed and can't go outside to play...
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We hardly got any here. Only a could inches over night. The wind is damn cold though. North wind is brutal
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It's been raining all day here. Right now it is snowing, but the forecast says it will go back and forth between that and rain until about 10 pm. Supposed to get 5-9 inches. I'd love to get a couple feet.
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Nothing worse, in my mind, is snowblowing with water under it. Not fun.

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