Winter storm Nemo - Typical media hype


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Winter storm Nemo - Typical media hype

I mentioned to my wife this AM that I was off to fill my truck and generator gas cans. She told me she had just seen a report on the local news that gas stations were closing because they had run out of gas. Too many people had filled up yesterday. The reporter also mentioned the extra demand because of generators. My wife was concerned that I would not find any gas.

I passed 7 gas stations while I was out and about. All 7 were open and none had any gas lines.

It's the "great chicken wing shortage" all over again.
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We have lines here in NJ. I am filled up, gas cans, gen is ready. People are more worried here in NJ from what Sandy and the Nor' easter did to us.
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Ya, I saw the empty grocery shelves on the news just before I had to pick up some milk and normal items so kind of shrugged and thought, if they are out, they are out, no big deal. Got to the store and all was fine up here.

I have to admit, they are getting better at predicting how weather systems will come together, but they do need to tone it down a bit. We will see what the totals turn out to be, currently predicting 8" to 12" tonight plus another 8" to 12 " Saturday, on top of the two inches we have already gotten. That's 18" to 26" total plus 50 mph winds and the stuff so far is light and fluffy. Put it all together and there will be no snow on 80% of the ground and 5' to 20' drifts everywhere else. The 5 to 20 is my exaggeration, not there's. Although I have seen the 20' drifts in years gone by.

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I just love "the storm is bearing down on us"

If i hear that one more time
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This is why I like to get my forecasts from the National Weather Service. You don't get the hype. If you read the forecast discussions, you can get a good feel on the confidence they have in the prediction they are making. With big storms like these, the predictions change often as they become more accurate.

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