The EDIT BUTTON.... advisory wanted


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The EDIT BUTTON.... advisory wanted

Came back to the forum again today and checked on a topic I started.... and I noticed that the Edit button was gone.

Upon submitting this topic, I noticed that it does have an edit button, however none of my other posts do, still.

When does it expire or what causes it to expire?
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Members have about 45 min for an Edit as I remember. If something is really wrong in a post, just add a correction in a new post.
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Thanks... I was trying to look in FAQ for an answer but it's the default version for vBulletin. "May" this, "may" that...
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As time goes by and you get to know everyone one of the friendly moderators might help you out and change something for you. I try not to wait beyond 30 minutes to make a change to something just to make sure I can change something. I also don't worry about time outs when posting something new like a reply or a new topic that way it has a little less of a chance of being removed if you make a mistake and don't follow the rules exactly. It also prevents your post from being edited. Remember you can always log back in as the system will save your post.
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It's a spam tool - some spammers enter a reasonable post, then come back to insert the spam when they think no one is looking at them any longer. They can't do that here

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