Can't View Groups?


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Can't View Groups?

I know there are/were groups on this forum, but I cannot view them or the groups list. Are they no longer allowed? I can't find any controls for groups either.
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Where does that link come from? What was it? What groups. Been on here for years and I'm drawing a blank.
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You're a moderator... what does the link display?

I didn't copy the link from anywhere, I typed it in the URL. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I am a bit programming/computer-savvy. I'm familiar with vBulletin too.
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"Groups" is a basic function of the forum software. I've been here as long as Ray and I have never known of there being any groups. I suspect that the feature is simply not active.
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I can view that link. It's the party room.
Only the privileged can get in but I'll give you a peek.
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Been here longer than Ray and Furd and I know of no groups.

What was it you wanted in the first place that you thought the groups would provide?
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The listings with the red sim marker are groups:

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I haven't been here quite as long but I have never seen any red markers. They just use categories here and make it real simple to navigate. If you want something different here you can request it and people here will discuss it and then management will consider your request.
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These forums use a highly customized version of vBulliten.

This is not a social networking site and many of our features are tailored to helping folks find answers to specific problem related questions.
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Which boils down to one question..........In all your posts so far, I get the impression you are trying to circumvent policy. Is that what you are trying to do?? It can only lead to a one way trip to no man's land, so choose your DIY questions wisely. We are here to help, but you can be banned for any attempt to go off track with your requests.

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