Searching Old Posts... I'm at a Loss....


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Searching Old Posts... I'm at a Loss....

I'm just in the stage of trying to figure out the kinks of this forum... there are some real strange anomalies here.

I can see that the forums have archived threads going back to 1999, however...

When I attempt to "Find latest posts" of a user, the cutoff date is much earlier and the user's earliest posts aren't shown. Error thrown, "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms."

I'm guessing there was some past upgrade or maintenance to the forum software that "boogled up" the search?

Searching with Google CAN bring up these "missing" posts, but that's a whole bunch of typing....
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Some things are removed that is true especially if the rules are not followed. I try to follow the rules but have to admit I have had things modified or even removed. Not real often and they try to be fair but if it happens you just have to accept it. Most things though are fairly easy to find but if it goes too far back the topic is removed so they can have more room for more current topics. I have found information though about typewriters here and no one really has used a typewriter for a long time. Some people like old things though like typewriters and fans that you posted and you can find information here for free about many different topics.

Sometimes too there are errors on the website and I have had log in issues and some problems finding a members posts including my own. They usually though get such problems fixed a great deal faster than most forums.
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Huh. This is a good question. I see what you mean, but I wonder if they just put a limit on it so as to limit the amount of time/memory that their servers dedicate to an internal site search of the forum "memory banks". Probably why the link is worded the way it is... "find latest posts".

I tried following the link of one particular user who has been a member since 2006 and has over 6000 posts.... it gave me only 971 posts... pages 1 to 40. When I tried to jump to page 39 or 40, it said "results not found". only posts up to like page 26 (his last 600 or so) were links you could get to.

As you have found, using Google as the search engine is much more exhaustive... not sure how you are doing it, but it's actually quite easy- especially if you go to Google and refine your search by clicking on "advanced search", type in as the only domain to search, then type in the user name as the only item you want to search. You could further refine those results by adding search words as parameters.
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Sleeper, I had to learn the "Google trick" for other forums that have known problems with post-recalling. It seems a common trait of the really old forums that started out in the 90s and had to go through multiple changeovers to stay current.

What you described is like what I do...

site:(domain name) + (username) + (post date and/or keywords)

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