Watching the weather - again


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Watching the weather - again

Another winter storm headed our way. watched 3 separate weather reports tonight. Forecasts from the weather guessers - anywhere from 2" - 26" with very high winds. I think they're realy expecting it to be on hte low end.They're predicting that the storm will linger over CT for a couple of days.

For the first time in my life I don't trust the reliabilty of the electric grid. I have never before expected there to be a power outage. I made a trip for generator gas and ran the generator for a few minutes. I hope I'm wrong.
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You guys have really been getting hammered. We got about a foot of snow in the last couple days but I think you're supposed to get it even worse.
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We are supposed to get about 6" of heavy stuff. The winds have been crazy 30 mph all day. Only 6000 without power in NJ so far.
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Not too late for a vacation in sunny Florida.
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I used to live in central fla - most every week there would be an afternoon power outage.... but that was over 20 yrs ago

While we've had snow more often this winter than normal, it hasn't been bad. The rain is another story. I don't know how much longer the bridge on my road will last. The trash truck is no longer allowed to cross it. The one lane bridge has 2 basketball size holes in it which they have covered with 1/4" steel. The county says it's too expensive to replace the bridge so they intend to replace it with a large drain tile [culvert pipe] which they had to order. Since the bridge goes under water every few yrs, I don't know how they expect a drain tile to hold up

There are 11 homes on my road and that bridge is our only way in or out.
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The storm is bearing down on us again. They just love those buzz words.

It's like doorbuster sale
Remember when they said that and it actually meant a real sale.
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Storm what storm? We were supposed to have at least 6-10 inches of snow but instead had mostly rain. I expected a great deal more snow but it just fizzled out. The temperature was just too high for it to be able to do much.

Marksr that is terrible that your county will not fix your bridge. Of course I understand that different governments are hurting around the country and they are lacking the proper funding. Perhaps a good old fashioned fund raiser is in order so that the proper funds can be had. After all having a proper bridge could save someones life some day. Anyway I wish your neighborhood luck!
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Storm what storm?
This one. Another Nor' easter....

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Don't worry Mike, we're only forecast to get a couple inches over night. Seems like this one has fizzled out. We are getting quite a bit of wind though.
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We were supposed to get 2 - 4", but only got a little rain. Fizzled out here, too.
Not complaining tho!
They kept missing us all winter! Yay!

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