Problem viewing all threads


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Problem viewing all threads

I was interested in looking at past threads on bicycles, so went to the "Bikes and bicycling" forums, which shows that it contains 169 threads, but I only see 7. Are the threads archived or whatever after a period of time, or am I reading or doing something wrong. Thank you.

(Oh, and just to make sure that I understand correctly, this message, as an example, is a post, and anyone who replies to it is submitting another post, but collectively, this post, along with any replies, is a thread, correct?)
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There are some links across the top of the page. one of them is "forum actions".

Drop down to "general settings".

Then look for what you have set for "default thread age cutoff". I have mine set at 75 days. If you want to see all threads, select "show all threads". And yes, the word thread refers to the original post and all replies made to it.

Its kind of a pain in the neck when too many old threads are visible because some people can't control themselves and they feel like they have to add a comment to an old thread that's 13 years old, or ask a question to some member that hasn't been online here since 2002, which they probably don't realize at the time. Most active members are only interested in commenting on recent threads, not re-reading old ones that are brought to the top by recent activity. But I understand the value of searching and reading those posts.

Google "advanced search" is another option for searching the forums here. If you go to google, then click on advanced search, just enter your search terms and then this site to narrow the search parameters.
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Hey, that worked; thank you Sleeper! I had been into the settings, but not for this, and obviously had not thought to look there. Have a great day, Sir.

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