Pick your own news:


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Pick your own news:

I have frequently complained about the ?news? the various media chooses for us to read. Here's a solution.

How about media organizations being required to offer a multitude of news, the good, the bad, and a whole bunch in between. Then, allow the readers to check off which topics get downloaded. Choose what you want to read and avoid what you don't. With the minute to minute news moving away from print it becomes a simple task to provide it all. Then, if they wanted to see what people REALLY want to read, charge a nickel for every article. Pay per view is coming anyway. I wonder how the interests of the readers would change? How many of today's articles would you pay a nickel to read? Maybe we would see what's happening in the world instead of the blood and guts that they think sells the news?

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Google News does something similar.
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I get most of my news from the internet.

By the way, the blood and guts does sell. That's how news became a huge business. It may not be your forte, but it is what most people want to see and hear.
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I get most of my news from the internet.
Me too! It allows me to get the news on my time schedule and I can skip what doesn't interest me or dive deeper on what does

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