asphalt and rebar ??


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asphalt and rebar ??

As some of you know, the county is rebuilding the bridge on the road I live on. Looks like they will finish today. Last week they drilled and inserted rebar and formed up those areas. To my astonishment, this morning they filled the forms full of hot asphalt. I've never seen rebar used with asphalt I understand it's use with concrete but this has me completely confused

As anyone ever seen a bridge foundation [or anything else] shored up and missing parts replaced with rebar and asphalt??
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I'm with you, I've never seen the two together.
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The only thing close to that would be concrete curbs, which are of course anchored in place on asphalt parking lots by driving rods through holes in the curbs, but what you are describing does not sound even close to that. I'd be on the phone to someone in charge, definitely questioning their techniques.
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I thought one benefit of asphalt was it's slight flexibility. Adding rebar seems contradictory and I have no idea how you can get the asphalt around the rebar and compacted.

Are you starting a betting pool for when it cracks and crumbles apart?
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I've been told that the old wooden bridge was washed out in 1977 and was replaced with the current [before rebuilding] bridge shortly there after. That puts it at 36 yrs old, while I don't expect to be here in 36 yrs, I wonder if the bridge will fail again before I die.

I've never built a bridge but I do know a little about construction. I'll never be able to wrap my head around why they shored up and extended parts of the foundation LAST ?? I would have done all the foundation work before I ever tore the deck out ...... but what do I know and after all they are the county road dept I wonder if the only difference between my bridge building experience and theirs is that bridge, wonder if they will have learned from any mistakes or go on to build/rebuild the next one the same way
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It sounds weird to me too Marksr did you actually see the whole process or miss some of what they were doing? Maybe they had concrete at the very bottom that set up quick and you missed that part. Either way though it doesn't sound like a very great job and I agree maybe you should call someone and ask some questions. If it is a real shoddy job then the bridge might not last a year. Might be too that some of this is just temporary until they build a bigger better bridge.
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Was it part of the bridge itself, or could it have been temporary and an erosion control technique?

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Once they remove the forms what will they have in July? Hot melted asphalt with rebars sticking up out of the ground. Not the brightest bulb in the pack to say the least.
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When we went to town yesterday we had to stop at the bridge while they shoveled hot asphalt into one of the forms. I assume they did all of them the same. These areas are where the ends of the foundation had crumbled away and/or extensions to the original foundation. They also have asphalt running along the side of one section of the foundation - looks like a lava flow. That's the section that had the 1" wide, 3' long crack that they filled with mortar so I assume that's to stabilize it.

I'll let someone else contact the county highway dept. I've never gotten a straight answer or any action the times I've called them in the past. I'm still waiting for them to install the guardrails they promised 3-4 yrs ago at my son's place. There is a state bridge a mile or so from me that gets plugged up with debris fairly regular but they won't remove any of the brush because it's a state bridge. The state doesn't like to fool with it because the debris pile is before the bridge, not under it.... so the road goes under water before any action is taken I could go on and on about how much the highway dept costs versus what the citizens get but you all might get the impression I don't think highly of them

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