Dead alkaline BATTERIES Disposal! Any Choices??


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Dead alkaline BATTERIES Disposal! Any Choices??

I realize we have a few choices for Dead Tool nicad etc rechargeables and I think some the big box store accept them.
But I called my town recycling about the the regular Lithium and Akaline and they told me to just throw them in the garbage??? Does that seem like the right thing to do in this day of concious recycling? What do you folks do?
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Do you have any RC tracks around? Or shops that specialize in RC cars? I'll bet they might know someone that would take them. That would be the best kind of recycling.

I knew guys who would come in and get them out of the recycle at the HD I worked at. Management didn't mind.

I don't think the lithium and alkaline are as recyclable as the NiCad....and I also don't think they present as much hazard.

Per the Duracell site..."Proven cost-effective and environmentally safe recycling processes are not yet universally available for alkaline batteries. Some communities offer recycling or collection of alkaline batteriesócontact your local government for disposal practices in your area."

Duracell | Battery Care and Battery Disposal Tips
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If you have an organic grocery nearby like we do you might be able to dispose of them there. Our grocery My Organic Market or as everyone calls it here MOMS has a recycling bin for all batteries. The guy who owns MOMS and is the majority owner goes way out of his way to make sure plastic isn't used in many of the products he sells and in making sure that people recycle too. You will not find a MOMS in your area but perhaps there is a Whole Foods nearby they sell only organic and might be doing the same thing.

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