No surprise here. (Boston Marathon bombers got Federal & State Aid)


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Posts: 2,546 could buy a Bose surround sound system. That's US made I'm pretty sure.
It's pretty bad when my Peavey PA speakers aren't even made here. Oh well at least the amp is made in Japan.
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Baldwin I agree the Chinese are finally beginning to wake up it is one of the reasons the internet is so closely watched there they don't want dissent. They also run things a bit less like a communist country at least as far as business is concerned and in some businesses they actually get paid fairly well for certain types of business. It is where they have clothing factories that they turn their heads and don't pay attention to how much a person is paid nor do they care. Even though we steer clear somewhat about politics here China would block this website from their citizens view.
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SNOPES has an interesting topic about the muslim bombers and welfare. Apparently the Boston Herald contacted all the federal and local welfare agencies, and the schools these murderers attended and none of them would provide any information regarding welfare benefits that were provided. They all cited right to privacy.

So apparently murderers can live off the tqaxpayer dime, but as a taxpayer you don't have the right to know about it.

On a different note - I hope they bury the dead one in a well advertised public cemetery. Somewhere that I can walk my dog would be nice although I might have to get in line .

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