Gas Prices On Steroids


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No Pitch forks required...LOL!

Next thing you know, they'll shut down more NA refineries and then charge us to ship it from over seas.

Don't be giving them bright ideas...:NO NO NO:

We used to hear 'supply and demand' but that won't work so well today so they have to think of something else.
Something Else:

Shutting down all refineries and importing everything made from petroleum is a concept best kept to one self. Some oil company executives may pick up on the idea and someday all to soon shut down all refineries...

Import everything made from oil. Profits would then sore along with unemployment while payroll taxes decline. Which your elected leaders can make up with increased tariffs and import fees. Dock workers and transporters would rejoice having the extra work loads while the unemployed refinery employees seek ways to pull themselves up from their boot straps.

If the unemployed lack having boots or boots with straps, they can remain on the dole...

The Problem. Well Stated Too!...

The days of the American petroleum companies are actually gone - Look at Amoco (now BP), Shell (Dutch) and most others are the results of mergers and bankruptcies. Look at the list of U.S. oil companies that are not around now. Petroleum is an international business with a lot of global trading and ownerships. - Alaska oil to China and the Pacific, Venezuelan/SA oil to the U.S. Now the one of biggest oil boom and reserves are in North Dakota or Canada and even some states/regions are trying to block shipments, add taxes for transmission or prevent pipelines that results in higher prices.
Side Note:
Editing paragraph in my last post. Brain f-art & typing fingers not in sink with thoughts. Comes with age...
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All the excuses they offer don't hold water & don't explain 10% increases in a week. I'm fed up with the news media passing along these weak "explanations" and quoting AAA saying gas prices "could top $5 a gallon by end of summer". Why even say such a thing? Who's side is AAA on? Big Oil or its members? Why not go on record with a statement like "pump prices are likely to plummet by end of summer due to decreased demand"? Beat up the oil companies instead of the consumers for a change!

Crude oil prices are falling, supply is stable, refinery capacity is stable so why the crazy spikes & s l o w fall back? Wall Street and simple greed. Fuel is a commodity that needs to be regulated to take the greedy speculators out of the equation. And it needs to be regulated by a citizen commission, not by corrupt politicians. They need to be held accountable and answer to the public similar to how local energy suppliers have to request rate hikes & justify it.
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Gas in Venezuela...


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