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Welcome to the forums. We will be glad to help you and please take an occasional look at our Electric Forum and Lighting forum and see if you can help any users there.

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door hardware/closer geek here

Hello Andrew, welcome to the forums!!

cool your a locksmith, did you do lockouts or all parts of locksmithing?? as some locksmiths i have seen are just for auto and home lockouts, and some go the whole 9 yards and also rebuild door closers as part of the business,

about my name (before you ask) im not a locksmith, but my specialty is the knowledge in door closers, (i drop jaws easily at LCN and norton/Rixson with alli know about them)

cant go through one week without a child asking me how to install one (surface and concealed) or asked to identify one, (domestic as well as abroad/asian brands) or asking what screw does what, or a question about a body marking.

got any door closer questions??? feel free to ask

-Jess the door closer doctor
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Welcome to the forum I see you don't have your location showing. Strictly voluntary of course but helpful especially if you are going to put plants in the ground. So as part of your exterior renovation if you are putting plants in if you give a general area it will help.

You will not see me giving advice on plants though I don't have much luck with them. I stick around the computer forum. I am not certified but I have built two of my own desktops and have been fixing my own computers for a long time. So I try to help where I can and if I am uncertain of something I pass on it. Looking forward to seeing your posts.
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How do I ask a question in a specific forum?
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Welcome....the same way you did here basically. Look at the top of the page right here. You have links to the entire site if you click Forum just above New Member.

Closing this thread now as it's an orphan.
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