eBay Problem !!!!


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Angry eBay Problem !!!!

I have gone around the world to find a solution as to why I can't LOG OUT of eBay. When I asked the question on eBay it says "log out is in the upper left corner of every page".
Well it USED TO BE
The only way I can log out is to clear all history with CC Cleaner
Makes me so mad and suspisous I think I will just not logn in again
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When you look in the left corner of the screen....does it say Hi, your name ?
After you name is an arrow down.....drop down box....sign out is there.

Make sure when you sign in that you don't have "remember me" checked also.

Several members have had this issue in the past.
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Thanks for your reply--but if you read my post again, you will see that I stated it used to be there but is not anymore.
I have voiced this problem on at least four different forums and apparently no one else has ever had this problem. Even eBay has no answer.
I have Security Essential protection and pop-up blocker. Since "Daily Deals" was also included with my name in the upper top left corner, could that be the problem?
Strange that OCCASIONALLY---the Log-Out and Daily Deals are there.

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