Hail storm


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Hail storm

We free range our chickens during the day and close them up in their Taj Mahal at night. Went down at dusk the other day to shut their gate and noticed three were dead, about 5' from each other. First thought was a predator. Picked them up and noted no teeth marks and no blood. Weird at best. Then it hit me, they were trying to move from under my dovetail trailer to their house when the hailstorm hit. Hail was quite heavy, so I guess they got hit in the head as they ran.
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Fried chicken the next day?

I sometimes think chickens are the dumbest critters on earth. Then I remember the pet Banty rooster I had is a young kid in OH. He would come when called, knew how to beg (sorta), would fly up to my shoulder and squat down there as I walked around, even though most of his toes had frozen off the winter before.
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Yrs ago I had a bunch of 'free range' chickens and you always heard them making noise. Whenever they went quiet all you had to do was look - they were all under something and you'd see a hawk circling the property. They always knew a predator was close before I did
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I guess we were all on the cutting edge of the localvore movement years before we ever heard the words "free range"
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Sorry to hear about your chickens. I also have chickens and really enjoy them.
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Yeah, we started with 15, and took a rooster off a friend who didn't have the heart to kill him. Dwindling numbers aren't ideal, but probably for the best. Don't know what we'd do with 15 eggs a day, anyway

These girls are funny! Especially with the cicadas. Haven't had to put food in their hopper for days, now.

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