Speaking of sprinkler systems . . .


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Speaking of sprinkler systems . . .

I finished mowing my lawn and was putting my lawn tractor away when I heard my sump pump come on. That is very unusual for this time of year. Then I noticed that the pump was short cycling and I knew I was in trouble.

I opened the basement door and I could see the wet floor and hear water spraying. Water was spraying straight up in one direction and sideways in another. My SEP was getting drenched - luckily the panel door was closed. The leak was from a gauge connected to my pressure tank. It's been there for 30 years and it picked today to rupture. I'm glad it didn't pick Friday because we were gone for most of the weekend.

"No problem says I, I'll just close the valve and replace the gauge." "Not so fast says the gauge, first you have to close the valve" Well, that ain't happening. That valve probably hasn't been closed in 30 years and it won't budge.

I finally got everything under control and assessed the damage. Some wet insulation and a drenched SEP. One workbench got hosed and some idiot left my electrical toolbox open on the bench. It had about 4" of water in it.

Moral - Close your toolbox when you are done and get rid of all the gate valves in your house.
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Sounds like my world.
I'm slowly getting rid of the gate valves in my home. There are just so many with the well and hot water heating. Most of mine are either seized solid (broke one trying to close it last summer) or leaking if they are a regularly used one.

The hardest part is getting them out without replacing whole sections of pipe. The best method I found was a trusty hacksaw cut right through the valve. Once that is done, I can desolder each end of it, clean and prep the pipe before installing the ball valve.

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