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Like Jessica Tandy said in Fried Green Tomatoes, "why would someone steal my house?"
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Can you say "My liability payments are up to date" What a bummer for all. Owner's house was demolished....contractor's underwear is probably soiled.....City is wondering what the world happened.
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That's not the first time I've heard of that happening but it would suck being the victim

On a smaller scale, back in the early 70's, we painted the wrong house. The boss sent his superintendent to bid a job painting his friend's house .... only somehow the address was wrong. We had the house scraped and partially primed when the boss showed up and wanted to know why we were painting that little house and not the bigger one down the street Wound up painting 2 houses for the price of 1 little house
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Apparently a big oops on the video too as the website didn't have the right video. I found it though and will try to insert it here and if not at least provide a link. I feel sorry for the man who lost his house apparently it had been in his family for a very long time. Certainly they will make up for their mistake properly especially if he hires a lawyer, I know I certainly would. Here is the video
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The house my sister bought (I actually paid for it) about two and a half years ago had a significant amount of the drywall removed from the common wall between the garage and the living room along with some from the ceiling. It was said that there was water damage and the bank (it was a foreclosure) has sent a contractor to open up the walls to assess the damage and repair the plumbing.

It looked to be an excessive amount of drywall removed and indeed it was. The contractor had gone to the wrong house.
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Long before many here were born Bob Barker had a show called Truth Or Consequences. Sometimes they played elaborate jokes on contestants. One of the most elaborate was moving a contestants house than making the contestant follow riddles and clues to find where they had moved it to. They moved it while he was out of town without his knowledge. If I remember correctly his wife was in on it. Imagine his surprise coming home to a missing house hidden cameras rolling. I don't remember the details too well as I was only around seven or eight when I saw it but the memory has always stuck with me.
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I can't even imagine how I would feel if someone knocked down my home while I was away. Its not only the fact that my home and all my stuff would be gone, but also the fact that someone thought my home needed to be demolished. I hope they did all they could to make the family comfortable.

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