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Back in the spring I had to spend the morning in the ER. I have medicare and a supplemental plan. When I got the bill from the hospital it showed where they charged $6200 but medicare cut it down to under $700 and I owed $237 ..... so I sent them a check for $75 intending to pay more later. Then I got the statement from the gov't that said all I could be billed for was $65

I was able to confirm with both the insurance and the hospital that $65 was all I owed but I kept getting past due bills with threats of legal action. Today I got a bill from the hospital stating my account was seriously past due AND in another envelope a check from the hospital for $10

I wonder if that means my bill is paid in full
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It's a case where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!

Maybe tell them you're going to take legal action for harassment, if they don't knock it off!
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2 yrs ago wifey had to have some lab tests done...turned out to be a hospital charge of something like $350 dollars. After waiting for something from my insurance I got another insurance credit. Called the hospital and they said it was being ignore the bill. 3 months later...still nothing from the insurance and another bill...called hospital again and they said the same thing.

Over a year later had to go in to pay a different bill and asked about the original. Lady said..."well, we couldn't get it submitted correctly so we just cancelled it. No charges for you". Hey, no problem from me...have a nice day.

20 yrs ago, ex-wife (who worked at the hospital) had to spend most of a day in ER/acute care and then they admitted her overnight for observation. Private room upgrade since she was an employee. Discount on all services for same reason. Charges were over $3000 before discounts. She also had BC/BS through work in addition to my military insurance. Statements started showing up and it turned out the hospital actually was paid MORE than they billed. Apparently they pay by the medical code...not the dollar amount. When I called Tricare, they said..."Yep, sometimes thats the way it works. Other times we only pay a small percentage of the bill, because of our contracts."

The whole system needs a serious overhaul...and not with the current program being implemented. Not getting's just the other side of the same coin.
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I can understand the confusion as it seems that hospitals never seem to know who to bill first and that was probably what happened with you marksr. It is terrible being sick or injured and then be harassed too.

Back in 1997 both of my parents were in a serious accident in the early morning hours. I was home at the time as it was real early that my mom was supposed to get cataract surgery but never made it. Later on I get a call from what I though at first was the hospital for the eye surgery but turned out to be another hospital. So I asked how are my parents and they said they were pretty badly banged up but otherwise o.k.. I later saw the car and it was pretty badly damaged but had saved their lives because of the body being strong.

Getting to the hospital again though the hospital really messed up my dads record they had put medicare first instead of their automobile insurance. So you guessed it medicare wanted their money back and in the mean time their automobile insurance had paid for medical claims too. Somehow it didn't effect my mom and they straightened hers out but they sure messed up my fathers insurance for a long time. With us being on fixed incomes it made it very difficult for a while. Our auto insurance though really tried to straighten everything out but once Medicare gets something messed up it never seems to go away.
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As far as Becky's comment on "hands", one was down their throat, and the other was somewhere else trying to reach each other to count money. Gotta love the gumment.
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This is probably the only reason I like our over taxed living which covers our health care.
I avoid the hospitals as much as possible (just short of doing my own stiches) do to the wait times (expect 12 hours plus wasted), and poor service. The only positive is I don't have to deal with the billing (even though I have a really good medical plan).
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When my first child was born, we received a bill from the hospitals pediatrician. On the bill it sort of says they submitted it to our insurance and it wasn't covered or denied. Something like that. So I cut a check and paid it. I thought it was messed up that the insurance covered the hospital but not their pediatrician.

When the second baby came, I got the same bill. But this time I was far more suspicious. The bills came right away. How could they have submitted it to the insurance so fast? And my wife put the baby on our insurance the day he was born so there was no mix up there. So we called this time and told them the deal. Turns out we didn't have to pay out of pocket. Unfortunately I got ripped on the first go around. I'm pretty confident they do this on purpose to trick people into paying them more money than the insurance company would.
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I'm pretty confident they do this on purpose to trick people into paying them more money than the insurance company would.
I don't doubt that at all! I kind of knew that there was a $65 ER charge with my insurance but I didn't realize that was the maximum charge and while I was slightly perturbed with myself for having overpaid, I was mostly relieved that I didn't owe the rest. I would have let them keep the $10 but they kept sending me those over due bills with threats of legal action When the girl at the insurance customer service and the hospital both agreed I had a $10 credit - I really didn't expect that they'd send me a check

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