#@&# privacy act


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#@&# privacy act

My stepson was on his way to work yesterday when he slowed for some road work and was rear ended by a motorcycle. Fortunately the biker only sustained minor injuries. But when the bike slid under his jeep - it took out his gas tank

He called his mother and when she got there she tried to get the pertinent info from the trooper but he said he couldn't give it to them. He got kind of huffy with her but then she probably was kind of hyper Apparently they are no longer allowed to share that info We'll have to go to the HP station when the report is filed and buy a copy Wouldn't be such a big deal but the HP is notorious for dragging their feet making out the report [when my youngest son's car was totaled by an uninsured motorist it took 10 days] and their office is an hour away

So the fun begins, the boy [with no motorcycle license] was on a borrowed bike, hopefully it was insured. Meanwhile her son has her car, she has my jeep and I get to drive my 11 mpg truck .... but I don't need to drive much
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I'm guessing the son is over 18 and the vehicle is in his name. Unfortunately that makes Mom just another bystander. The son should have gotten a copy of the report on the spot unless law enforcement does things differently there than down here.
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The trooper wouldn't give out any info to her son either. He only learned that the biker didn't have a motorcycle endorsement because he overheard the biker/trooper discuss it. Basically all the trooper told my wife and her son was the bike wasn't owned by the operator and they'd have to get the report at the HP office after it's filed.
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You want to hear a good one about privacy?

A couple of weeks ago, my wife was driving home from a weekend trip to various locations visiting various people. All I knew was that she would be home sometime on Sunday evening.

Ball joint on her vehicle blows up and vehicle ends up going through a ditch (after crossing the oncoming lane of traffic) and slides through a corn field. She has no cel phone and has refused to get one up til this point. In the middle of nowhere, complete darkness eventually she gets up to the road and eventually a couple stops to help her out. They let her use their cel phone to call CAA.

CAA gets her location and asks if there's anyone she'd like them to call with a message. She says to call me and explain things. So, they call me and say "Your wife has been in an accident and the vehicle is in a corn field." I ask if she's ok. "Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Everyone at the scene is fine. She will be 40 minutes later than she expected." I ask where this happened, he says he's not sure.

So, two hours later I'm kind of freaking out a bit. I call CAA back and ask what's going on. They tell me the two truck driver is still enroute to the location. I'm wondering if I have to pick her up and ask where this happened.

"Sorry sir, for privacy reasons we can't tell you that."

I explained, this is my wife and I want to know if she's going to be ok and if I can come pick her up.

They again refused to tell me where she was in the accident. I explained that it was my CAA policy and I was the one paying for the damn thing.

Finally they tell me I'll have to call the police to find out where she's at. I ask "What police force? RCMP, Toronto, OPP, Orangeville?" She says she can't tell me that information.

I lost it on her. Then waited for another hour when my wife calls me to tell me she's fine and on her way home. CAA gave the tow truck driver completely wrong directions and he ended up driving around the countryside for 2 hours looking for her.

Privacy of information in many situations is important. This was not one of those situations.
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The accident report was finally available this afternoon. Found it interesting that the THP doesn't accept cash - you can only pay the $4 fee with a check or money order.

The motorcycle had insurance but the ins co claims since the operator wasn't on the policy and didn't have a motorcycle license - they don't have to pay

So now it's up to his uninsured motorist to pay - $500 deductible. The accident report states the bike was disabled with major damage but the jeep had minor damage and was towed for damage unrelated to the accident the bike broke the gas tank!! I foresee a lawyer being hired in the near future.
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The motorcycle insurance company has changed their tune
They've rented him a car and brought his jeep to a shop to be repaired. The adjuster's biggest complaint was the tow and storage bill [10days] cost as much as the new gas tank ..... but it sure wasn't our fault it took so long to get the ball rolling. The boy should have his jeep repaired and back early next week

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