question about service stations of old


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question about service stations of old

The old gas/service stations from the 50.s 60's 70's always had large glass windows on the front near the waiting room or desk,cashier area.

Anyone know why?
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Used to be full service, how would they know if someone pulled up to the pumps if there was not a window?
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To see and be seen,still like that for some around here.Joe they had the rubber ding hose you ran over.
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also used to display products like tires, motor oil and wiper blades. The Esso I worked at sent out clear plastic decals featuring products that adhered to the windows
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My dads service station when he leased it out from the oil company used to have a snack machine and a cigarette machine for a while. Not many people bought snacks back then though at a service station but we sure sold many Coke products from the Coke machine in the front of the station.

I agree too you could see people better and for a long time my dad had a desk up front where he worked on paper work when not busy working on someones car. The oil company liked that as it meant they could keep up to date on what he needed. They too for a long time wanted to sell their brand of battery and oil so he would show some of that through the window. Later on all the oil company wanted was their rent every month and didn't care so much about products.

The old station though now is not as friendly looking as it once was with its big glass. As now they just have a small window up front where you pay for gas. My father used to like to wave when he had a chance to his customers and make them feel welcome. Times sure have changed.
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Another reason was ambient light. Notice the old stations may have only had one light hanging from the ceiling. It allowed enough natural light to work by and for the customers to read magazines. I still get my small work (oil changes, tires, etc.) at a facility that still has the original service station building as a greeting, sitting, spitting area, with a little gas space heater, just like it was back in the 50's. Yeah, big changes from non tempered glass fronts to bullet proof slit windows with slide trays
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The big window let you see the customer pull in so you could meet them at the pump as soon as they pulled up, the air hose activated bell was so you could know a customer pulled in if you were busy doing something else.

I only miss the look of the old gas stations a little but I miss the low prices a lot

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