A most unusal question about birds!


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A most unusal question about birds!

I hope someone might shed some light on this question or may be able to direct me to a source that can help.
Today we went by two houses in our neighborhood in the Midwest, ( Northwest Indiana ).
On the roofs of these two house that were beside each other there were at least a hundred or more birds on the roof of each house.
At the same time there were no other houses nearby with birds on their roofs.
Has anybody else ever seen this ? I'm wondering what might have attracted birds to these two houses. Not that it's a big deal I'm more curious than anything else.Can anymore shed some light on this for me ?
Is there something unusual that might cause this at a certain time & place ?
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Heat loss? Or heat gain from the sun? I often see flocks of birds on certain roofs in the morning on cold days. The roofs are almost always darker colors or getting direct sun. On days where there may be frost, I always see the birds on the houses with no frost.

And then of course there is just that flock instinct thing...one bird lands so all the others do too.
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Not sure what attracts them but I believe they do tend to stick together. Years ago I was in a house with a metal roof when a flock of geese decided to land .... I thought maybe a tree or something had fell. I went outside just in time to see them all take off.
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When I frequently drive on a freeway, I notice a huge flock of birds (100 or so) side by side on a power line in the morning. They are only on that span of the line and all face in the same direction (depending on the wind/breeze direction). The old story of "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" has some truth.

After seeing it for 10 years I cannot see anything having to do with the heat.

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Birds like high places so they can stop for a while and see where they are going to go next. It could be that they were just stopping for a break and to look and see where they were going. It seems to me that they pick a leader somehow and every bird in the flock follows the leader until they get to their ultimate destination. I have seen whole flocks of birds land in one tree and then take off together and I think that has to do more with height than anything else the tree could offer.

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